Personal Development

The art of learning from our mistakes, or turning failure to our advantage

We win some, we lose some – that is life; at times we learn some. We learn especially when we stand up against the wind that seems to blow in a single direction nowadays – success, achievement, performance – and we accept that failure is not necessarily a bad thing, but an opportunity: an opportunity to grow wiser and overcome our limitations. Cécile Neuville, a renowned psychologist and author of several influential positive psychology books – “Le secret du [...]


The road to success is paved with failures

I am a perfectionist. As a result, whenever I fail, everything around me seems to fall apart. This is why I have been putting my body through a lot of unnecessary stress for many years, and have become vulnerable to disease. Since I could not go on like this, I started to seek help. At the beginning, I used to browse the internet for information; then I began accessing specialized websites. There is plenty of information available – quality [...]


The four great mental powers

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” (Mahatma Gandhi) Enhancing your mind potential, or the potential of your thoughts, implies, above all, reviewing the beliefs your life is based upon. You cannot enjoy a fulfilled life unless you are willing to work with yourself and throw all your misbeliefs overboard. The sad thing is that, however destructive their thoughts may be, many people are stuck in their comfort zone. According to Swami Sivananda, a [...]


The power our thoughts have upon us

Thought is the key we use to create our own reality. Everything we perceive in the physical world stems from the mental plane, in other words from within ourselves, from our thoughts and our beliefs. This is why every thought you really believe in and every deep emotion you constantly feed will change your reality into what you want it to be. Thoughts can heal Science has already proved that thoughts can heal. Mind healing techniques are based on a holistic [...]


Achieve personal freedom by following these 4 rules

“We live our lives confined within a set of self-limiting beliefs that condemn us to needless suffering and prevent us from fulfilling our potential” – says Don Miguel Ruiz, a nagual (shaman) of the Eagle-Knight lineage and author of several bestsellers advocating the right to free ourselves from beliefs that hold us prisoners and make us unhappy. Fortunately, as a descendant of the ancient “women and men of knowledge” – the Toltec people – and a spiritual guide as [...]


3 ways to work in unison with synchronicities

You got up late, you panicked – “I’m going to miss the train” – and you missed it, of course! When we are in a hurry, we act chaotically. You paid for another ticket and jumped into the next train going in the same direction. Once you got on the train – lo and behold! You came across a good friend from your childhood who had been constantly on your mind for the last few days. Hazard! Meaning: “fate, [...]


How to help children manage their emotions in a healthy manner

Children can learn to control their emotions at an early age. Research has shown that when parents recognize the negative emotions – anger or sadness – experienced by their children and help them deal with them, in time children learn to exert better physiological control over their own emotions and to display a much more positive behavior. On the other hand, when parents ignore, discipline or get angry with their children for expressing their emotions – I have seen a [...]


“The idleness syndrome”: how it affects us and how we can turn it to our advantage

“Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today… leave it for the day after tomorrow!” I must confess this famous dictum seems to define me more and more accurately every day. I leave home with an “urgent” list of issues I am supposed to take care of when I get to the office. As soon as I reach the office, I take the paper out, flatten it and place it next to my computer’s keyboard, lest I forget [...]


The 10 keys to becoming a leader

You have always been the “president of the class”, the ideal student, the official leader invested by the form master and acknowledged, or at least paid lip service to, by your classmates. However, you have always felt it wasn’t you they followed, it wasn’t you they admired. The class always had an unofficial leader. And the group revolved around him, not around you. Now you are a grown man and the history repeats itself. What do you still need [...]


Improve your concentration with these 9 essential techniques

Human brain has muscles. It is a well-known, easily understood metaphor: brain, the control center of our body, needs continuous exercise to successfully complete its missions. And one of its most important missions is to absorb, store and process information – the memorizing capacity and the ability to concentrate. We depend on it in the most varied circumstances, ranging from exams, job interviews and staff meetings to the daily housework or office routine. We do not necessarily need to be [...]


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