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Achieve personal freedom by following these 4 rules

“We live our lives confined within a set of self-limiting beliefs that condemn us to needless suffering and prevent us from fulfilling our potential” – says Don Miguel Ruiz, a nagual (shaman) of the Eagle-Knight lineage and author of several bestsellers advocating the right to free ourselves from beliefs that hold us prisoners and make us unhappy. Fortunately, as a descendant of the ancient “women and men of knowledge” – the Toltec people – and a spiritual guide as [...]


6 mental reprogramming techniques to change your life

You know the feeling that you get when everything seems to slip through your fingers, when you are under the impression that you are on the wrong track, or even worse, in a stalemate. You have experienced it many times. And the more often you get this feeling, the clearer a conclusion starts to take shape: you must change your life, take your destiny into your own hands. Yes, but how? “The feeling that you are going astray is a [...]