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Key Benefits of the 7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency

As people find themselves getting sicker and sicker from modern foods, pollution, and dangerous medications, they are looking for alternatives that will give them relief. Not surprisingly, people are becoming more skeptical of EMF and other harmful radiations that seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. If you are concerned about electronic smog and the impact on your health, it is time to find out about some things that being shielded by the Schumann Frequency can do to [...]


Do You Want to Sleep More Deeply?

Do you find yourself yawning through meetings or unable to make it through the day without a nap? If so, you may not be sleeping as well as you think you are. To some, sleep problems are obvious: the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. You may not have either of those problems; you may not sleep deeply enough to revive your body. There are many causes for poor sleep, including health problems, obesity, and anxiety. Recently, there’s been [...]