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6 Keys You Must Use to Get Rid of Fatigue and Increase Vitality

Have you ever noticed that exhaustion isn’t so much a physical state as it is a feeling? Anything from thoughts about problems in your life to the refrigerator being too small for some cherished plan can bring on exhaustion in a matter of seconds. Because exhaustion is a feeling, it may seem impossible to overcome. Nevertheless, with intent, choice, and purpose, the six main aspects of your self, or “keys” can be used either to feed fatigue or help [...]


How to help children manage their emotions in a healthy manner

Children can learn to control their emotions at an early age. Research has shown that when parents recognize the negative emotions – anger or sadness – experienced by their children and help them deal with them, in time children learn to exert better physiological control over their own emotions and to display a much more positive behavior. On the other hand, when parents ignore, discipline or get angry with their children for expressing their emotions – I have seen a [...]