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From positive thinking to positive psychology – directions for use

There is an old saying: always prepare for the worst. That is to say, expect for the worst case scenario. Every time you try to build something: a concept, a personal project, a dream. Allegedly, you will suffer less if things go wrong. And you will have all the more reason to be happy if they happen to go well… against your expectations. That is an awfully strange philosophy! In other words, I send negative energy to the Universe and [...]


6 keys to a healthy lifestyle

Every day we get a new piece of information promising eternal youth, a slim body or recovery from any illness – be it a new vitamin, a new super food or an amazing workout routine that can heal and protect us from disease. In an article published on Mindbodygreen.com, Dr. Joel Kahn says that he does not believe in the possibility of finding such a miraculous cure – able, all by itself, to help us live a healthy life [...]