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Who is Technology for Life?

Technology for Life is the online department of AIM Group, a research team from Romania that covers the following fields:

  • alternative and complementary therapies;
  • parapsychology;
  • brain stimulation through light and sound signals;
  • awakening and amplifying extrasensory capacities;
  • radionics.

All the TechnologyForLife devices are especially conceived and developed to restore and maintain a vibrant health and give you full protection to fighting negative, unfavourable factors and conditions that affect your everyday life.

Everyone wants to live a healthy, meaningful and fulfilled life, but in order to achieve that subtle mind-body-spirit balance we need to undergo a conscious shift and improve ourselves. We all have that innate ability to lift ourselves to a higher state of wellbeing and happiness. So, our mission is to help you achieve all of your goals that are related to your happiness and wellbeing. TechnologyForLife specialists are dedicated people who know how important is for you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our growing passion is to awaken and nourish your inner fire and provide you with the most innovative, cutting-edge technologies that will boost your energy level, fortify your immune system and harmonise the energies that tune your whole being.

Since when?

We entered on the Romanian market as AimGroup in 1993. The devices we manufacture belong to the class of alternative and complementary therapies and their main effect is to awaken the vital force, the only intelligence capable to produce spontaneous healing and full regeneration. From 1998 to 2003 we were present on the market in Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and France, in centers for spiritual practice and evolution.

What novelty are we bringing on health markets in Romania and Europe?

AimGroup devices are currently unique through the holistic effects they produce upon the human being. The holistic approach on health gently reestablishes balance on the energetic, mental and physical levels. Before manifesting itself in the body, illness is present on an energetic level. We may appear healthy, but the imbalances existing on a subtle level because of the many disrupting factors we deal with on a daily basis can manifest any moment as allergies, migraines, hormonal imbalance, tumors, vitamin and mineral deficiency, neurological and digestive disorders, skin disease and many others. AimGroup devices gradually balance the system and eliminate possible causes that produce anomalies in the human body. As opposed to conventional treatment, the action of the health devices we offer to those interested have no negative side effects, and do not involve a transfer of harmful substances; they reestablish health in a natural way, allowing the human being to access higher levels of spiritual evolution.

What do we believe in?

You cannot treat the eye without taking into account the head, you cannot treat the head without taking into account the mind and you cannot treat the mind without taking into account the human soul and spirit”. Zamolxe

What awards have AimGroup devices received?

In recent years, Eugen Bargaoanu, president of AimGroup and the engineer who designed VITAL PROTECT, has been awarded the following distinctions:

  • First prize at Nikola Tesla Festival (Inventions and Innovations) in Novi Sad, Serbia, October 2012;
  • Special diploma for creativity from the Romanian Inventors Forum and the Leonardo da Vinci Scientific Order, Ukraine, Sevastopol, 2011;
  • Special diploma at the International Conference on “Technologies – Military Applications, Simulations and Resources” organized by the Carol I National University for Defence in Bucharest, Romania, April, 2012.

In the years to come, the study and work of our research group are aimed at entering new markets in Europe in order to enable easy access to the therapies we propose to more people who are looking for natural solutions for their health problems and want to enhance the quality of their lives.

All AimGroup technologies are certified ISO 9001, the most prevalent and applicable standard regarding quality requirements for service provision.