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Radionic wand for protecting your personal space

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This product represents one of the highest forms of energy protection of a space against:

negative vibrations;

low thought-forms;

subtle harmful influences;

energy attacks;

geo-pathogenic stresses.

Being a strong amplifier of positive energies, it provides a favorable feng-shui and a subtle support to all intents and purposes.


Everything in the Universe, from stars and planets to heat or light, thoughts, emotions and even the smallest living thing, is a form of energy. Therefore, both what appears to be material and what we cannot see with the naked eye is energy. Everything vibrates continuously on different frequencies.

That is why our space is constantly under more or less subtle energetic influences, more or less ours. Beneficial or harmful.

At least once in your life you must have felt bad as soon as you came in contact with a certain person who looked at you insistently, focused too much on you or spoke in a very low, almost hypnotic tone. Likewise, you may have arrived in a place or entered a room and you felt more and more tense, you felt shivers down your spine and wanted to leave as soon as possible or, on the contrary, spaces – closed or natural – where you became more and more relaxed, you relaxed and charged energetically on a large scale.

Every single place and every single object, being forms of energy, have an energetic memory, so that every vibrational influence – natural, artificial frequencies or thoughts and emotions emitted by people – ” settles” and “decants”, creating the general imprint of a thing or a space.

There are known to be areas and objects so-called “cursed” or “haunted” – which can immediately produce feelings of physical, mental and emotional harm – and others in the presence of which “miracles” occur.

How to use the wand:

one wand is placed on every corner of the space to be protected;

the protection radius is one meter, one meter and a half;

the more wands we use and depending on the size of the space (2, 3 and even 4, one on very corner), the stronger the energy protection will be;

every now and again, we recommend running a duster over the quartz crystal on top of the wand;

the amplifier inside, the same as the crystal, is already loaded with force-ideas of energetic protection and support, emotional, mental and physical balance, financial prosperity and support in every way;

it must be positioned vertically.



Other benefits of usage:

enhances the state of meditation;

gives more vitality to a space;

supports spiritual evolution;

creates a favorable feng-shui;

enhances extra-sensory faculties (intuition, clairvoyance, lucid dreams etc.);

attracts beneficial energies;

diminishes negative tendencies (anger, stress, fear, negativity, anxiety, panic, depression etc.).

Product description:

Copper structure closed at one end;

Energy-charged quartz crystal;

Covered in natural leather;

Inside it contains an amplifier that constantly charges the crystal;

Cube-shaped wooden support;

Small wand height: 20 cm with a diameter of 15 mm (for smaller spaces, rooms, offices); large wand height: 30 cm with a diameter of 22 mm (for larger spaces, halls, terraces, gardens, yard)

Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure diseases, therefore it can by no means substitute the indications or drugs prescribed by your attending physician. Nonetheless, its use fully and profoundly supports mentally and emotionally any approach, activity or experience.


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20cm, 30cm

1 review for Radionic wand for protecting your personal space

  1. Viktoria Maldeck

    I got my radionic wands two weeks ago, and I feel so safe to have them all the time in my office. I couldn’t tell how much is placebo, trusting, and having positive expectations from this product, but I definitely feel more balanced, calm, and focused in my meditation. Also, my night dreams have become clearer these past days and more suggestive for my real-life situations.

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