Atlantis: Radionic Device

Atlantis: Radionic Device


Radionic instrument which helps you to:

 • enhance and amplify the energy of your thoughts
• correct imbalances, improve certain arias of your life
• gain more clarity, control, and power over difficult circumstances
• realize your goals, dreams, and visions more easily


Radionic Device for Self-Improving and Manifesting Your Ideas More Easily

Radionics is a true science of resonance.

It provides a connection between the subconscious mind, which is omnipresent and omnipotent, and the subtle energy that exists in everything: objects, living beings, thoughts, and emotions.

In other words, a radionic device amplifies the power of intentions and the practice of vizualization or meditation to the extent of accelerating any goal.

Atlantis creates a bridge through which the operator’s mind continuously feeds a thought, without the user being permanently consciously focused on it. 

Establishing the attunement, which lasts several tens of seconds, creates an external synapse that holds in the subconscious the idea that we want to manifest.

Then all kinds of synchronicities and conjunctions are created, which broaden our understanding, help to develop new habits, and engrave new mental schemes. 

Therefore, the engrams that blocked us gradually dissolve, and at a certain moment, an inner click occurs, and the affirmation formulated reaches finality, that is to say, it is manifested.

The range of applications of this device is extensive, and it can be used in a variety of areas. We do not claim that we have included all the directions in which it can be applied; it can practically be used wherever we want to focus and materialize the mind.

We will list only a few of the directions in which the ATLANTIS device can be used:

– to energetically support therapies (whether they are holistic or allopathic);
– to support spiritual practice;
– to protect and energetically support a certain space, place, geographical area;
– to energetically charge drinks and food;
– to energetically charge certain remedies;
– to maintain a harmonious relationship;
– to create positive financial resonances and to enhance the resonance with the state of prosperity;
– to quickly eliminate various energy blockages;
– to communicate with the subtle planes and become aware of them;
– the practice of radionics itself makes us aware of the greatness and power of our mind, as well as of the permanent connection we have with the whole manifestation.

Also, the experiences we have performed on the crystallization of some salts showed that after only 20 minutes of action on such a solution using ATLANTIS, the crystallization mode completely changes according to the influence that has been manifested. Moreover, experiments on bacterial cultures show that the arrangement and the rate of propagation can be radically altered using this device.

YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND if the device is returned within 30 days of purchase.

The device has a liability period of 24 months.
ATLANTIS is certified ISO 9001, the most prevalent and applicable standard regarding quality requirements for service provision.

*Disclaimer: This isn’t a medical device. Although it brings massive health improvements, it isn’t intended as a replacement for medical diagnostic and treatment.


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