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Affirmations for resilience and calmness

My resilience and calmness inoculate me from external pressures.

Life contains plenty of challenges, but I am able to anticipate these challenges thoughtfully. I am able to be calm and resilient, which inoculates me from the effects of external pressures.

I wouldn’t go out for a hike over snow-covered hills in my jeans and sneakers. If I chose to do so, I’d be plenty uncomfortable, at best. If I stayed exposed to the elements for long in that condition, I would be putting myself in danger. Instead, I prepare for the excursion with adequate clothing, sufficient food supplies, and a means of calling for help if I get lost. Through preparation, I am ready – and eager – for an adventure.

By putting myself out there, I can experience beauty and wonder in a way that isn’t possible from within my comfort zone. The success or failure of my life journey depends far more on how I prepare for my excursion than on the circumstances themselves.

I don’t shy away from challenges simply because they have the potential to stretch or stress me. Instead, I plan ahead, knowing that I can handle anything with adequate preparation.

Situations may be tough from time to time, but I remain composed if I must tuck my head and march into the wind. Doing so may not always be pleasant, but because I am prepared, I am able to deal effectively and calmly with any challenge in my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I miss out on opportunities out of fear?
2. How do I prepare for inevitable challenges in my life?
3. What can I do, now, to be calm when challenges arise?

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