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Bio Synergy

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The effects of BIO SYNERGY

  • Restores the nervous tissue ;
  • Increases cell renewal ;
  • Improves visual acuity and sense of smell.


Are you looking for a profound therapy for rejuvenation and cellular regeneration?




BIO SYNERGY is a bioenergetic battery (it makes use of the body’s energetic potential and does not need an external source to activate itself) that allows the regeneration of the human organism thanks to the phenomena of resonance taking place between the human body and the colloidal gold solution in the battery. We speak of a transfer of information at the DNA level, not of a transfer of substance.

Inside the body, in an organic form, several metals exist, without which, any state of health is practically impossible. Scientists state these metals are protean chains that imitate mineral metals. It should come as no surprise that when we try to compensate the lack of a certain metal in our body by ingesting that metal in one form or another, the body rejects it aggressively or at best does not assimilate it.

Increasing the quantity of gold in the organism (by amplifying this metal’s vibration) activates even the growth and division of cells, and reestablishes normal functioning of cells when disorders have appeared (leading to cancerous tumors).

Purifies blood and revitalizes the organism

BIO SYNERGY transmits a subtle energetic impulse at the DNA level, stimulating the organism to produce its own gold. The main effects are:

  • revitalizing the organism
  • alleviating the fluctuations of the mind
  • improving the functioning of the eyes and the hearing
  • reducing the anxiety
  • calming and soothing
  • intensifying blood circulation
  • rejuvenating cells

When using this device, the cogitative forces that sustain the body’s concentration will be activated and become much more effective. As a result of which the human being is able to find more and more opportunities to express his achievements. The days one uses the device will turn into lucky days, so to speak, or times when there is a better connection with all creative forces”.


Bio Synergy is a device designed to be used individually. It can be used by ONE PERSON! When used, the carbon powders in the device structure themselves along the vibrations of that specific person; if someone else uses the device, not only will it produce no results, but it can also affect the efficiency for the person the device was initially tuned for!.

The effects of colloidal gold therapy

The BIO SYNERGY battery was first examined by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach, which applies the knowledge revealed by Cayce, and the results they obtained were amazing. Edgar Cayce personally insisted on the importance of this device. He considered it to be superior to any other method and stated that it doubles the life expectancy. Here is the operating principle of the bio-battery in Cayce’s own words:

The device works as a generating magnet – each time it connects with the physical body a subtle energetic flow is generated, a flow pulsating on the vibratory frequency of the body itself […]. (It is) a magnet that accumulates energy”.

The constructive forces of the bio-battery are displayed in an ordered manner. This allows the calming from the inside and allows the forces contributing to vitality to become predominant […]. (This device) absorbs the energies in certain parts of the body, amplifies them and reintroduces electrical energies into the body which revitalize the regions of the body where these energies lack.

Edgar Cayce’s writings go on to state the benefits and the rejuvenating properties of this device: “it aids the body in all directions”, “it is a must have for anyone who uses the brain a great deal”, “it is good for anyone”, “any organism experiencing problems due to a lack of harmony can benefit from using this device”, “this type of vibrations are beneficial for every human being”.

Colloidal gold therapy is based on transmitting a subtle energetic influence at the DNA level, which activates the vibration of this metal inside the body. Due to gold’s unique properties of regeneration, natural healing processes are triggered, the functions of organs are restored and the whole organism is connected to a higher source of energy and vitality.

YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND if the device is returned within 30 days of purchase.

User Manual


The device has a liability period of 24 months.

BioSynergy is certified ISO 9001. This standard sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement. Having ISO 9001 certification helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services.

*Disclaimer: This isn’t a medical device. Although it brings massive health improvements, it isn’t intended as a replacement for medical diagnostic and treatment.


2 reviews for Bio Synergy

  1. Maria S

    I would like to thank the whole team for their support! I purchased Bio Synergy few years ago from their Romanian store and I never used it until few weeks ago. The main reason why I didn’t used it is because I didn’t know how to use it and of course, like any other good things in our lives, I forgot about it. Few weeks ago, I read an article about something similar and suddenly I remembered about it, but without any supporting material left I thought I had no chance to start using it. Anyway, I called the office and there a nice lady explained to me how to finally use it properly. Moreover, she gave my contact details to the developers of Bio Synergy from Romania and they called me on the next day, answering me to more specific questions. They are absolutely awesome! The product is absolutely awesome! Thank you guys for everything!

  2. Tom Biston

    I have ordered two Bio Synergy devices, one for myself and a gift for my mother. During the first week of working with it, I noticed an increased need for sleep, which worried me a little bit. Nevertheless, I continued using it, and things slowly changed for the better. I was having more energy, my mind felt clear and more focused, and I was experiencing intense feelings of gratitude, optimism, and confidence. I like to use Bio Synergy for 3-4 weeks in a row and then take a break of 1-2 weeks; the effects are always more intense after the break. My mother also is happy with this device; she noticed that her rheumatic pains have lowered in intensity and even totally disappear in some days.

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