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Mind Synergy

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• Soothing, profoundly regenerating effect
• Calming of thoughts, increased attention
• Elimination of fatigue or depression
• Amplifying feelings of pleasure and euphoria
• Improved and deeper sleep

Important: Mind Synergy comes with a pair of headphones and eyeglasses.

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The most complex technology for fighting stress and for deep relaxation


This revolutionary technology for mental stimulation and complete physical relaxation is mainly intended for those who suffer from chronic and acute stress, intense emotional disturbances, mental and physical fatigue, a low energy level, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating and memorizing, low appetite for life, anxiety and depression.


Mind Synergy is specially designed to help all people who want to:

• improve their health;
• attain and maintain a state of deep physical and mental relaxation;
• regenerate their vital force and increase their overall level of energy;
• enhance their inner well-being;
• increase attention (ideal for those diagnosed with ADHD);
• reprogramme their subconscious for achieving financial success;
• reach the ideal weight by means of self-suggestion;
• revitalize their memory and increase their learning capacity;
• improve their sleep;
• achieve the deepest harmony at all levels of being.

Mind Synergy is probably the fastest, most powerful and effective relaxation technology in the world.

The relieving of stress, the calmness and relaxation experienced are deeply revitalizing and beneficial to the body, mind and spirit.

Quelling your thoughts, maintaining your emotional stability and deep body harmony are the key to health and vitality. When you relax more deeply and enter a plenary state of euphoria and good mood, your body is regenerating intensely, the tissues are restored to their maximum capacity, the waste is eliminated in the most efficient way, energy reaches its optimum level, you feel happy and ready for any challenge in your life.

The effects you get with Mind Synergy technology

• achieving the deepest level of relaxation and access to powerfully revitalizing energies;
• intense and lasting calming effect (attenuation and even elimination of strong stress and emotional disturbances);
• eliminating fatigue;
• achieving and maintainig a state of euphoria, mental clarity and inner harmony;
• rapid regeneration of physical energy after intense exercise, sporting competitions, surgery or illness;
• sleep improvement due to the release of tension and the strongly soothing effect of programmes specially designed for these effects;
• strengthening the immune system and increasing resistance to fatigue, infections and other pathogens;
• enhancing and maintaining the overall state of well-being (a sense of relief and inner order);
• enhancing focus, attention and memorizing;
• increasing the suggestibility of your subconscious, which facilitates the deletion of negative programmes running without your being aware of them and the rewriting of new programmes for financial success, harmonious relationships, work development, radiant health, spectacular performance in sports, art or science, attracting your ideal life partner;
• accumulating more information in a shorter amount of time;
• spontaneous ideas, solutions to present or past problems, unblocking of energy centers and triggering spontaneous healing processes;
• producing profound changes in your understanding and vision of life; frequently, repeated sessions with Mind Synergy lead to spectacular mental leaps and profound beneficial results in spiritual practices;
• creating a positive and protective energy field that favors access to the highest and most beneficial subtle plans (powerful effects in meditation, lucid dreams, astral doubling, stimulation of your intuition and clairvoyance).



More and more people are interested in technologies for complete relaxation and rapid revitalization of physical and mental energy. Interaction with our customers and partners confirms that opening up to unconventional therapies, mental stimulation and brain reprogramming for increasing the quality of life is growing.

For this reason, we wanted to create for you a model that will satisfy as many of your needs as possible in the most important areas of activity.

• Mind Synergy has a set of 112 specific and very powerful programmes.

• We have ensured the programmes cover the most important areas of life: deep relaxation, revitalization and health, sleep improvement, brain stimulation, improved memory and accelerated learning, mental reprogramming, financial success, releasing addictions and building harmonious relationships, increasing performances in sports, amplification of intuition and creativity in art, calming the mind, meditation and amplification of the results obtained in spiritual practices.

• Due to the possibility to connect it to your PC, laptop or tablet, you can download software updates and future programmes.

• Extended functionality: lithium polymer battery (similar to those used in mobile phones). This means it can be used absolutely anywhere, as it does not depend on your having access to an outlet. You charge it on your laptop and you can take it with you anywhere.

• It has a SD Card Slot: you insert a card you can put on whatever you want (favorite songs, affirmations, suggestions, useful audio programmes, including our later programmes that you can download directly from the Internet on the new Mind Synergy). The SD card is not included.

• It also has a mp3 player built in, which allows you to insert tracks that can run over existing programmes (increased efficiency, greater pleasure).

• It can be used especially for accelerated learning by introducing in audio format the information you want to memorize fast before an exam (exceptional results are also obtained when you enter positive affirmations and suggestions to run along with programmes in order to increase suggestibility and reprogramme your subconscious).

• It has an elegant design, small and light (easy to understand LCD display, which makes navigation in the set of programmes much more enjoyable and clear).

* To see the serial number of your device, please follow these steps:
Start the device> Settings> System Information


How Mind Synergy technology works

Its principle of operation is based on the research and practice of Dr. Francis LeFebure, who proved that certain sensations in the form of bright (phosphene) dots generated by audio-visual brain stimulation (light and sound alternating left/right) trigger profound beneficial effects in the whole structure of the human being (on the psychic, physical and spiritual levels).

Mind Synergy takes you on a journey where you can experience new and intense sensations, whose existence you were not aware of before. Often there is a change in temporal and spatial perception when the feeling of interpenetration of multiple spaces (universes) prevails. The composite lights in the glasses (which a brain stimulation device is provided with) produce luminous effects in the field of vision, generating a multitude of colours and shapes due to the rigorously chosen frequencies and programmes. The connection with mystical phenomena is most often evident, especially for those who also practice meditation.

In the long run, brain stimulation sessions with sound and light signals lead to a very lucid, focused and flexible mental state. Easy entering complete relaxation is another major effect that can then be accessed without using a brain machine, as this kind of technology trains the brain into learning to reproduce at request the different states of consciousness.


Special recommendations

To achieve specific effects in the sphere of mental activation and stimulation, we recommend one or even two daily sessions with Mind Synergy using the same programme for 21 days, preferably within the same timeframe. You are initially looking for brain stimulation sessions using shorter programmes, in order to accommodate your senses, and complete relaxation programmes. The effects obtained after a session do not stop once the stimulation has ended. The reverberations produced in the brain waves last for weeks or even months, with amplifications and decreases that depend on each user’s mental patterns and operating rhythms.


Certifications and guarantees

Mind Synergy is certified ISO 9001. This standard sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement. Having ISO 9001 certification helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services. For whatever reason, if you return it within 30 days of purchase, you will get your money back. The warranty accompanying the product is valid for 24 months.



User Manual

You are strongly forbidden to use this device if you suffer from heart disease, epilepsy, schizophrenia or other serious mental illness (treated with neuroleptics). Purchasing this product assumes you are aware of this and take full responsibility in case you violate these contraindications.

*Disclaimer: Mind Synergy is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure diseases, therefore it does not replace advice or medications prescribed by your physician. The beneficial effects of this technology stimulate the optimal functioning of your body and are complementary to any other form of treatment or therapy.


1 review for Mind Synergy

  1. William Kuepper (verified owner)

    For me, the principles of how this kind of device works are not unfamiliar. I am interested in this field of self-healing, alternative therapies, and especially in brain-wave entrainment effects. I practice meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, and many breath-work exercises to calm my mind regularly and access Alpha and Theta states. I find Mind Synergy (and other devices in this field) a not enough exploited gold mine for our health, wellbeing, and personal development. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in deepening their meditation practice, lowering the level of stress, gaining more control over their thoughts and emotions, and increasing their self-confidence. The effects are noticeable from the very first session. It’s like you take a break from the outer world and go on a very relaxing and soothing trip from where you come back with more energy, focus, and joy. I will probably order it again for a friend who is in even more need of relaxation than I am.

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