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Why Do We Need Vital Protect Home?

Have you ever heard of electromagnetic resonance? If not, you’re about to, because it’s critical to your life force. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. In a nutshell, back in the early 50s, a scientist named Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that the Earth emits radio waves. Nobody really thought much of it – not even the good doctor himself. Several decades later, another scientist named Hans Berger discovered that the brain emits electromagnetic frequency. He called [...]


What we can eat to starve cancer

Dr. William Li, president of the Angiogenesis Foundation, has come up with a very interesting theory, according to which we can fight cancer, the disease of the 20th century, and other serious conditions by preventing the cells that feed tumors from multiplying. How can we do this? By eating foods that can fight cancer. You can watch the conference held by Dr. William Li on nutrition-based cancer treatment here. Angiogenesis is the process through which our body creates blood vessels. Our [...]