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What we can eat to starve cancer

Dr. William Li, president of the Angiogenesis Foundation, has come up with a very interesting theory, according to which we can fight cancer, the disease of the 20th century, and other serious conditions by preventing the cells that feed tumors from multiplying. How can we do this? By eating foods that can fight cancer.

You can watch the conference held by Dr. William Li on nutrition-based cancer treatment here.

Angiogenesis is the process through which our body creates blood vessels. Our body contains around 19 billion capillaries, the tiniest blood vessels in the circulatory system, which support our life and, in many cases, bring about the death of our body.

This is because cancer cells, like any other cells in our body, cannot function without the oxygen and nutrients supplied by capillaries.

Dr. Li points out that a balance is necessary in this natural process: while an insufficient formation of blood tissues may result in heart disease, heart attack and chronic wounds that will not heal, an excessive cellular proliferation paves the way for diseases such as cancer, arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

This is where we step in, trying to control angiogenesis. According to Dr. Li, our diet is the key to preventing diseases of all kinds, including cancer.

How can we starve cancer?

Anti-angiogenic therapy is the method of cutting off blood supply to the cancer cells”, Dr. Li explains.

However, the answer to this real epidemic involves not only discovering better drugs to treat it in its advanced stages, but also preventing the disease from occurring, through a proper diet.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of foods and herbs that act as cell growth inhibitors. Eating them, not only do we enhance our immune system’s power of defense, but we also make it difficult for the blood cells to feed the microscopic tumors that may exist in our body, before they turn into a threat. Dr. Li claims that diet accounts for 30-35 % of cancers, therefore a diet that starves the disease would dramatically reduce the cancer rates.

For instance, a substance naturally occurring in black grapes and known as Resveratrol has manged to inhibit abnormal angiogenesis rate by 60%. Other anti-angiogenetic foods are:
– strawberries;
– forest fruits;
– cherries;
– garlic;
– tomatoes;
– kale;
– green tea;
– artichoke;
– parsley;
– turmeric.

Dr. Li insists on “synergy”, a familiar term for those who are acquainted with holistic nutrition, meaning that a combination of these fresh, organic products increases the nutritional value of our diet. Our obsession for certain individual foods is not very helpful.

Some foods are more powerful than drugs

Examples of foods whose anti-cancer properties exceed the effectiveness of drugs, as mentioned by Dr. Li himself, are parsley, garlic and red grapes.

However, there is no need to wait for the results of some new studies that would classify fruits and vegetables according to their anti-cancer benefits. We already know that the most effective way to fight cancer and many other diseases is a diet containing natural products, free of artificial substances.

Other strategies to prevent and treat cancer
1. Provide your body with plenty of vitamin D, which is essential to the skeletal system. One of the most effective methods of normalizing your levels of vitamin D, not to mention that it is available to everyone, is sun exposure. Ideally, you should monitor your levels of vitamin D throughout the entire year.
2. Keep your insulin level under control, limiting the intake of processed foods and sugars as much as possible.
3. Enrich your diet with animal-derived foods high in omega-3 fatty acids.
4. Exercise! Regular physical activity decreases your insulin level, reducing the risk of cancer as well.
5. Eat as many vegetables and fruit as you can at each meal. Ideally, they should be fresh and organic.
6. Try to maintain an ideal body weight.
7. Sleep as much as you can and try to get a high quality sleep.
8. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins and to toxic substances that you normally use at home, such as chemical-based cleaning products.
9. Boil or grill-roast your food rather than frying it.

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