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The Meaning of Holism in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Western medicine, the body is looked at as individual parts, and sickness is treated rather than prevented. On a larger scale, Western thinking sees everything as separate entities operating on the same plane. Each person is born, lives, and dies separate from every other person. Trees grow, birds sing, the wind blows – none of these are connected on any deep level with the other, except on a superficial level. Not so in traditional Chinese medicine. Holism is a [...]


The Vitalistic Healing Mode

Modern Western medicine focuses on the science of curing. While treating symptoms and disease may well be an important part of wellness, the philosophy behind it is considered by many to be flawed. That’s because the concept of curing focuses only on managing or eliminating localized physical symptoms rather than viewing the sick part of the body as part of a much larger whole. It contends that life can be explained in terms of physical and chemical processes alone. That, [...]


VITAL FORCE, the Higher Energy Governing Our Being

A few centuries ago, the dominant approach to health centered upon the belief in a vital force possessing the intelligence and power to govern myriad processes involved in both health and disease (manifesting when the body tends to recover). To people living in those times it was self-evident that, beyond matter, there were certain higher forces giving life to the human body. This vital force affects each process that takes place inside a living body It adapts to environmental influences, refreshes [...]