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VITAL FORCE, the Higher Energy Governing Our Being

A few centuries ago, the dominant approach to health centered upon the belief in a vital force possessing the intelligence and power to govern myriad processes involved in both health and disease (manifesting when the body tends to recover). To people living in those times it was self-evident that, beyond matter, there were certain higher forces giving life to the human body.

This vital force affects each process that takes place inside a living body

It adapts to environmental influences, refreshes the emotional life of an individual, gives him inspired ideas and creativity, and leads the way to spiritual growth. Restoring the balance in the functions of an ill body is an attribute of the vital force, but its range of effects is much wider and goes much deeper than that, including the three levels of the human being: the physical, the mental, and the emotional/spiritual level.

Matter and energy are the same

Over the last 200 years, the materialist conception of the universe has become deeply rooted in people’s minds. Slowly but surely, this conception has become the dominant philosophy in the industrialized society, while the concept of vital force was abandoned. Science explains the world in purely mechanical terms. Yet, this Newtonian (bio-molecular/mechanistic) approach has failed to explain the processes taking place at the atomic and subatomic levels of existence. Einstein, Heisenberg and other scientists explained these phenomena by developing new concepts now known as the field theory, quantum theory and relativity theory.

These new realizations have entirely changed reality, as we knew it. Albert Einstein proved that matter and energy are the same.

The cause of disease: a weakened vital force

Modern biologists are making exciting discoveries which confirm the ancient belief in the existence of a vital force governing the entire human being and connected to the highest vibrational levels, corresponding to the pineal and pituitary glands. The smooth performance of the entire endocrine system depends on the proper functioning of these glands.

The deep cause of any disease is the weakening of our vital force. Unfortunately, we live in a society that not only does not support us in our attempts to go through life perfectly healthy and full of energy, but – on the contrary – it seems to devour us. We are dealing with sources of pollution acting relentlessly, some in a subtle manner, others more aggressively. The contaminants poisoning the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink, the practice of encouraging negative behaviors and messages are stratagems designed to distract us from what is important: our connection to the divine intelligence within us. We are cut off from the beneficial rhythms of the Earth, from our spiritual nature. Like an energy vampire, today’s society weakens our vital force, giving rise to countless types of imbalances.

Regaining our health requires small, but unremitting changes

Just as the depletion of our vital force and the progression of a disease do not happen overnight, so the healing process takes time, patience and faith in a refreshed higher force, able to restore the balance. Regaining our health requires small, but unremitting changes. Overwork or sudden changes will push our body to the limit.

In homeopathy (an important branch of the vibrational medicine), for instance, the therapist seeks to give a beneficial impulse to the vital force, getting it to vibrate at exactly the same resonant frequency that enables the strengthening of the body’s mechanism of defense so that it can perform its functions and restore the balance inside.

How can you boost your vital force?

Technology for Life aims at finding harmonious alternatives intended to restore the balance in the human body by awakening and boosting its vital force. Bio Synergy is one of the devices designed for this purpose.

We are talking about a powerful cell regenerator based on a colloidal gold solution. For the moment, you may consider it a kind of a spa embedded in a bio-energetic battery. The Bio Synergy battery has two silver yarn bracelets that you cross-connect to your body, which means that you fasten one bracelet to one of your wrists and the other bracelet to the opposite ankle. The battery contains a vial filled with a mixture of colloidal gold and other essential elements. In short, the process that takes place when connected to the Bio Synergy battery is this: as we already know, the human brain generates electrical impulses. Our body is charged with a sort of bioelectricity. Just as, when we meditate, the lotus posture helps closing certain energetic circuits, so the bracelets of the bio-battery are cross-connected to our body to close the energetic flow. Thus, our energetic potential activates the device and the subtle information of its components. As a result, the energy that reenters the body is enriched with the subtle beneficial properties of gold.

Gold regenerates and supports the natural functioning of cells

Alchemists of all time have reached the conclusion that gold is a universal remedy, with an amazing power of completely regenerating our body. Experts and scientists have demonstrated that alchemical gold is a powerful antioxidant, cleansing our body of all impurities and, at the same time, acting as an excellent energy generator. Furthermore, medical research has shown that gold activates the natural functioning of cells, thereby amplifying the vital force and strengthening the immune system, which means a higher level of protection against disease and infection.

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