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5 superfoods and 4 essential rules to keep diabetes under control

Although, given the long-term complications it involves (retinopathy, diabetic foot, etc.), most diabetics seem to ignore the essential role of lifestyle in keeping their disease under control.

The “Everyday Health Guide: 365 Tips for Healthy Living” advocates for the importance of a healthy eating when you suffer from diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables are good for diabetics

Many diabetics are mistakenly recommended to eat fruits in moderation, as the high content of sucrose is likely to make their disease worse. However, people suffering from diabetes should not be afraid to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in sucrose and starch.

Fresh fruits are high in fructose, the natural version of the ill-famed sugar. The good news is that fructose does not require insulin in the metabolic process and is well tolerated by diabetics.

On the other hand, diabetics should go easy on fats and oils, which lower sugar tolerance. Emphasis should be on raw foods, as they stimulate and increase the production of insulin.

People who suffer from diabetes should avoid overeating

The Health Guide recommends having five smaller meals rather than three main meals a day and eating moderate to small amounts of food at each meal.

Here is a diet example that could serve as a guideline for diabetics:

Upon rising: a glass of lukewarm water with 4-5 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
Breakfast: any fresh fruit you with exception to bananas; two slices of bread and butter and a glass of milk;
Lunch: steamed cabbage or cauliflower; fresh or cooked tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, three flatbreads and a glass of milk;
2 hours after lunch: a glass of fresh fruit juice or a green smoothie;
Dinner: a large bowl of salad with all vegetables you like; you may also have some home-made cottage cheese.
Before going to bed: a glass of warm milk.

No meat allowed!

If you really want to keep your diabetes under control, cut meat out of your diet. According to the Health Guide, meat reduces sugar tolerance and triggers the mechanisms leading to disease. Besides, meat stays in your large intestine for quite a while and releases toxins that go straight into your blood.

5 superfoods for diabetics

If you want to live a balanced life despite this troublesome condition, you should include constantly in your diet certain food items. Celery, cucumbers, green beans, onions, and garlic are especially helpful in keeping diabetes under control. Green bean pods, for example, contain a significant amount of silica, along with certain hormone substances closely related to insulin. For instance, a cup of green bean pod tea amounts to1 unit of insulin.

Cucumbers also contain a special hormone required by pancreas to produce insulin. As for onions and garlic, they are effective in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetes. In order to preserve their nutrients, cook all these foods as simply as possible.

4 rules for weight control

Weight control is another battle most diabetics engage in constantly. They should eliminate Excess body fat, as it may increase the risk of cardiovascular complications in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. The Health Guide recommends Horace Fletcher’s weight loss method discovered în1898. The story goes like this: at the age of 40, Fletcher considered himself a very old man. Indeed, he had every reason to feel that way: he was 100 pounds overweight, he would catch a cold every six months and constantly complained of indigestion and exhaustion.

Based on the studies he performed, he put together a set of rules known as Fletcherism, incorporating the discoveries he had made:
1. Chew your food thoroughly until it turns into a liquid that slides down your throat by itself.
2. Do not eat unless you are hungry.
3. Enjoy every bite or morsel, savouring its flavour.
4. Never eat when tired, angry or worried.

Horace Fletcher followed these rules for 5 months and, as a result, he lost more than 120 pounds. If you have with weight problems, nothing stops you from following these simple rules. You will be amazed at the results.

Source: “Everyday Health Guide: 365 Tips For Healthy Living, A Practical Daily Reference to The Nature Cure Using Foods, Vitamins, Minerals, and Food Supplements for Vibrant Health and Complete Freedom from Disease

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