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The Underlying Reason for Chronic Fatigue – What You Can Do to Boost Your Energy Level

Are there times when you wake up in the morning and feel tired and devoid of energy all day long, although you follow a consistent sleep routine? We all know how it feels to drag ourselves out of the bed in the morning and can barely concentrate while at the office because we are too sleepy. We know the feeling, we experience it so often and yet we never wonder why we feel tired all the time. We may suppose there is something wrong with us, that we do not get enough sleep or our diet is not as healthy as it should be.

Coffee – a momentary incentive

Meanwhile, like many of those suffering from fatigue, you are probably accustomed to turn to the usual morning trick: coffee. Yet, little by little, fatigue and lack of energy return during the day and you can hardly wait to get home and have some rest. This is because the energizing effect of coffee is only temporary, and after it has passed, your body feels even more tired than before. You can imagine what that does to your body in the long term.

The web of electromagnetic radiations – the reason you feel tired
According to experts, this chronic fatigue and low energy syndrome is increasingly common nowadays, affecting mainly the inhabitants of crowded cities. Researchers and doctors explain that the web of radiations crisscrossing large cities and therefore our homes is responsible for this situation. Still, what kind of radiations are they?

  • power lines crossing your neighborhood;
  • GSM antennas set up on the roofs of apartment buildings;
  • radiations emitted by electrical cables embedded in walls;
  • radiations from cell phones and cordless telephones;
  • electromagnetic waves emitted by wireless devices, radio and TV waves.

All these are high-risk sources of radiations that affect our health and significantly reduce our energy levels.

“…All communication in the body eventually takes place via very subtle electromagnetic signaling between cells that is now being disrupted by artificial electropollution we have not had time to adapt to. As Alvin Toffler emphasized in Future Shock, too much change in too short a time produces severe stress due to adaptational failure. The adverse effects of electrosmog may take decades to be appreciated, although some, like carcinogenicity, are already starting to surface.” Paul J. Rosch, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College; Diplomat, National Board of Medical Examiners

You can read more informations about artificial electropollution here.

The effects of bathing in the harmful electromagnetic waves are not surprising: facing them every day, we have come to consider them as “normal”:

– low energy;
– chronic fatigue;
– very poor quality sleep (your body doesn’t get to refill its resources completely during the night);
–various symptoms ranging from simple headaches to migraines, vertigo and nausea;
– digestion problems;
– thyroid dysfunctions;
– palpitations, arrhythmias, chest tightness (leading to severe cardiovascular diseases);
– depression ranging from mild to serious forms that can lead to thought and behavior disorders;
– concentration difficulties, memory problems, irritability, loss of libido;
– an increased risk of cancer;
– rashes and skin diseases;
– creating an environment where bacteria and fungi in the body can multiply easily;
– shortening your life expectancy.

What can we do to protect ourselves as much as possible against harmful radiations?

We live in big cities. This is a fact, a reality most of us choose to keep living in. We are exposed to the destructive effects of electromagnetic smog and we are faced with all these health problems. What can we do from now on to protect ourselves as much as possible against the harmful radiations (without having to retreat to the mountains though) and to steadily regain our health?

Since home is where we spend most of our time (our spare time and our sleeping hours), experts recommend to set up in our home a device than can to protect us against the electromagnetic frequencies interfering adversely with the functions of our organs.

The most efficient technology providing protection against artificial radiations

After having studied this phenomenon for several years, the team at Technology For Life introduced VITAL PROTECT HOME, a technology designed to protect you and your home within a 10-meter operation range.

By simply placing in one of the rooms in our house a device that ensures protection against electromagnetic radiation, we help create a well-balanced environment and we fight off a many of the negative effects of radiation-generated stress. This means that both you and the people you care about are permanently protected whatever you do when at home (working on the computer, talking on the phone or resting at night).

The benefits you get from using Vital Protect Home:

  • it increases your energy level by up to 100%;
  • it helps you sleep deeply at night;
  • it helps your body regenerate to a much greater extent due to the beneficial vital field surrounding you;
  • it stimulates and strengthens your immune system;
  • by simply placing the device in your home, you increase your resistance to infections, epidemics, fatigue dysfunctions, stress, pollution;
  • it supports the proper functioning of every organ.

Find more details about the benefits of Vital Protect Home here.

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