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How to protect ourselves from electromagnetic radiation

The World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant authorities warn of the danger of radiation exposure. What can we do to protect ourselves? Recently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of WHO) has officially announced that mobile phone radiation could cause cancer.

As early as 1984, at the Geneva Conference, the World Health Organization reported that exposure to high frequency electric fields altered cellular behaviour, physiological processes and psychological states, and for the first time admitted that electricity networks had damaging effects on human health: “The studies available today advise that we should avoid all unnecessary exposure to electric fields”. Or, in the words of a People journalist who summarized the topics discussed at the WHO conference: “Are you tired? Are you losing your memory? Most likely, all these inconveniences are caused by the power line in your neighbourhood”.

A test performed at a US Navy laboratory in Pensacola with a view to determining the effects of radiation on memory when exposed to a very weak (1 Gauss) magnetic field has shown that frequencies within the range 45 – 50 Hz (the same frequencies as those emitted by power lines) significantly decrease memory.

In 1984, Dr Wendell Winter at the University of Texas reported that cancerous tumours grow 600 times faster when the subject is exposed to a 60 Hz electromagnetic field (60 Hz being the specific frequency of power lines in the US). Few people realize the subtle connection between the structure of the human body and electricity.

According to Robert Becker’s research, quite often the victims of suicide live in a magnetic environment at least 22% stronger than the environment the rest of the people live in. Likewise, in such areas the number of accidents is 40% higher. The conclusions of scientists and authorities from all over the world are quite clear: electromagnetic radiation makes us ill!

All the applications of modern technology use electromagnetic waves. Most of the radiations they generate have harmful effects on the human body.

Here are the main sources of harmful radiation:

1. the radiations in the microwave range used in mobile telephony, cordless telephone technology (DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), and wireless communication (the exchange of information or power between two or more systems without using wire or cable);
2. the power lines used to supply electricity to our homes or to industrial areas all over the world; they operate at frequencies of 50 to 60Hz;
3. the radio waves used by all radio and television broadcasting systems, industrial remote control applications, radio communication systems etc.

Many scientists have wondered if this is not a witch-hunt; in other words, if there is indeed a connection between various diseases and electromagnetic radiation. An experiment performed in Switzerland proved beyond doubt that the stress generated by electromagnetic radiation is real. They took several groups of subjects suffering from various conditions – chronic fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders etc. – to an isolated mountain area and placed them in cabins with no electricity. This was in fact the only treatment they received: the subjects had to stay away from electricity. After only three weeks, all showed remarkable progress and in most of the cases, all signs of disease disappeared completely. What is more interesting is that after coming back to “civilization”, the effects lasted for as long as two years after the experiment.

We can protect ourselves. Here is how:

All this gave rise to frenzy about how to protect ourselves against artificially generated electromagnetism. In Germany, for instance, they started to build ecological houses equipped with a master switch to turn off the power in the entire house throughout the night.

Do we really want to have a say in what happens with our own health and to protect our bodies from harmful electromagnetic radiation, or are we going to just sit and watch how we get sick? For those who want to stay healthy or to improve their health there is also good news!

Vital Protect is a highly efficient device that ensures protection against all kinds of harmful radiation. The working principle of Vital Protect is this: there is a resonance frequency that connects us to the vitalizing and beneficial energies of the Earth; this frequency was named Schumann resonance (after the man who spoke of it for the first time, Otto Weber Schumann). According to scientists, this resonance frequency is the oscillating rhythm of the magnetic field of the Earth. The experiments performed have shown that if we place a generator set on Schumann frequency close to a human being, the brain becomes immune to the harmful radiations around. Conversely, if this resonance frequency is disrupted, diseases will occur before long. NASA researchers confirmed the results of these experiments, and now astronauts use Schumann frequency generators to protect and restore their vitality while in outer space. Vital Protect creates a protection field over a radius of three meters. For more details, please visit the website

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