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Cell phone radiation is a risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s disease

Smart phones, smart watches, chips, pulse sensors, GPS, e-pay, 3220 mAh batteries, Quad-core processors, wireless internet, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset, pixels, IPS LCD, Android 4.4 KitKat, Apple pay services, Super AMOLED, OctaCore, GB – we juggle with all these words while having a beer with friends; we handle them with the ease of an expert over a cup of coffee, we make decisions and we rate the performance of the products we purchase based on these terms. We take seriously every new gadget, we read all the reviews and plan to buy it before it is even released on the local market. We ask more and more from the devices we use. The needs are created: we want to measure our pulse after climbing 10 floors or send our heartbeats to a close friend. Strange? Not at all. We are children of technology and we let it feed our curiosity.

Mobile phones have come to affect the users’ brain activity and metabolism

Experts turn each of their product launches into the event of the year and stimulate the appetite of tech freaks. All features come with impeccable, reliable and attractive designs. We are fascinated with what these gadgets can do, we proudly carry them everywhere we go and we make room for them into our lives. We have reached a point where we cannot even eat without keeping our phones at hand, cannot read without using our tablets, or run without having an eye on our smart watches.

We are addicted to technology, and we allow it to control us so that we can control it.

A fair trade, many would say. A relationship based on compromise. Have we ever thought, however, how far-reaching all these compromises are? Have we ever wondered what they can do to our health?

Recent studies have shown that using the mobile phone can seriously affect our health. Too many changes in a relatively short time cause severe stress to the human body, which fails to adapt to the new disturbing factors. Because of the radiation they emit, mobile phones have come to affect the users’ brain activity and metabolism. An entire generation of mobile telephony users who will suffer its negative impacts on health is emerging. Experts and neurosurgeons already sound the alarm and warn that a huge number of brain tumours is expected to be diagnosed in the future.

Radiation leads to changes in the blood-brain barrier permeability, making the brain vulnerable to various substances that may invade it.

For instance, when the brain protection is destroyed, albumin, an indispensable substance found in blood, can make its way into the brain and virtually poison its cells. Depending on the intensity and duration of mobile phone use, radiation can affect the human body, increasing its susceptibility to certain types of disease.

Negative impact on the blood-brain barrier

In Sweden, neurosurgeon Leif Salford conducted an experiment in which certain rats were exposed to mobile phone radiation. To his surprise, the cells controlling sensations, memory and motion were severely damaged. The study is relevant in view of the fact that the rat brain is known to be very similar to the human brain, both having the same blood-brain barrier. If only two minutes of talking on a mobile phone can have negative effects on the blood-brain barrier, two hours of uninterrupted conversation could completely damage certain parts of the brain.

Research has shown that phone radiation may trigger Alzheimer’s disease, as it affects the brain areas associated with learning, memory and motion. In addition, the action of cell phone radiation stimulates the production of histamine, which triggers bronchial spasms. Some of the more severe reactions may include twitching, paralysis, psychosis and strokes. Exposure to radiation may also result in skin problems (rashes or burning sensations), vision disorders (blind spots in the visual field), digestive disorders, thyroid diseases, hormonal imbalances, and low immunity.

Have you wondered whether you have felt the effects of radiation exposure so far? Well, if you have experienced symptoms such as:

  • memory blocks
  • constant headaches, migraines you grapple with both at night and upon waking
  • dizziness or shaking
  • fatigue, exhaustion, even after getting enough sleep
  • mood swings, an increased sensitivity to stress, anxiety attacks
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea, chest pain
  • most likely, you overuse your mobile phone and you keep it always within reach, even when you sleep, which means that you constantly expose your body to its radiation.

To prevent its effects, try to:

  • minimize your exposure to wireless devices;
  • avoid metal furniture, including spring mattresses, as metals are good electrical conductors and amplify electromagnetic signals;
  • choose wired connections over wireless connections;
  • avoid charging your phone next to your bed;
  • use the headphones or the speaker when you talk on the phone;
  • use EMF protection devices.

For preventing as much as we can this kind of problems we created VITAL PROTECT, a technology that uses the most effective protection method available today. Vital Protect generates a protective shield on a radius of three meters around your body, amplifying its vital force.

The device is designed to emit on the frequency of 7.83 Hz – the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere, which helps the human body function at its best – and its effects become noticeable after a few uses.

The effects of Vital Protect technology:

  • increases vitality and energy;
  • decreases blood viscosity and reduces significantly the risk for heart attack and stroke;
  • restores the normal levels of blood pressure;
  • increases potency, which is closely connected to vitality;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • increases resistance to fatigue and stress;
  • increases the effort capacity;
  • sends a beneficial frequency to the brain.

For further information about Vital Protect technology, please access this page:

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