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The frequency of vitality

The Earth is a living being. Just like all other living beings have an energy field, our planet vibrates on a certain frequency. In 1952, Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, professor at the Science Faculty in Munich, demonstrated by mathematical calculation and complex measurements that the space between the Earth’s surface and ionosphere (a distance of 50 to 60 kilometres) forms a huge resonant electromagnetic cavity. The resonating frequency spectrum is between 6 and 50 Hz, with the main value of 7.83 Hz. In other words, this value is the essential ingredient for Life. In its absence, mental wellness and health of the body as a whole are not possible. Astronauts reaching space used to get sick, but after they were provided with devices that artificially generated Schumann frequency their health problems disappeared.

On the other hand, we can see Earth as a supporting point for the entire structure of the human being – on the physical, mental and emotional levels. When we resonate on the same frequency with our planet, we feel inside a wonderful vital energy that gives us force for all our everyday actions, an exceptional general tonus, guards us against disease and helps us connect to high spiritual energies.

The frequency of physical and emotional wellness

Technological progress brings along severe dangers, as most domestic appliances, GSM (mobile phone) antennas, mobile phones, transmission lines that cover cities, computers and wireless internet create an electromagnetic smog that interfere with the Earth’s vital energies. Radiations emitted by all these modern devices are invasive and harmful for the entire structure of the human being. They disrupt the proper activity of the body, the mental and emotion working of the human being.

No wonder we feel tired most of the time (even if we sleep eight or nine hours a night, as experts prescribe), we lack energy, motivation or experience boredom. In other words, we do not live life to the fullest, we waste it, although we could enjoy its beauty to the utmost. When we rarely happen to have our “batteries recharged”, we are thrilled with every simple thing, we are grateful for what we have, everything we do comes out perfectly, we are always smiling, full of energy and those around see us as charismatic and attractive. When we feel rested, we thrive, people seem to us more friendly, our goals for the future are bright, easier to achieve and every wish becomes possible. The vital energy of the Universe is inexhaustible. It is a source of vitality and health. However, when other factors interfere and unplug us from the beneficial pulse of the Earth (Schumann frequency), there appear imbalances, disease, insomnia and all sorts of disturbances that carry away our joy of life.

Disturbances in our sleeping place

Geopathogenic stress must also be taken into account. Over the past ten years, after study and research, Russian scientists have revealed the harmful effects of terrestrial and cosmic radiations. In some areas these radiations are more powerful than in others; these dangerous areas are called Hartmann knots. When people stay in such places for longer periods of time, their whole body is affected, they develop all kinds of disorders and imbalances. The most frequent diseases generated by geopathogenic focal spots are oncological, vascular, neuropsychic and locomotor.

From the perspective of these shocking discoveries, the place we sleep in and the place we work in several hours a day become very important. As we have no special indications coming from experts to identify geopathogenic areas (high-risk ones), we need some other means of protection, something to compensate for the harmful effects of radiations and reestablish harmony in our sleeping and working places. Furthermore, we need a solution that can protect us anywhere we might be, in order to increase chances to maintain our health and be out of harm’s way.

Scientific research nowadays have managed not only to identify the problems created by unplugging the human being from the beneficial energies of the Universe, but also to offer an effective way for reconnecting with these energies: the Schumann frequency generator.

How does the Schumann generator – VITAL PROTECT – work?

As we have said, there is a resonant frequency of the Earth that protects and connects us with the vital and beneficial energies – the 7.83 Hz Schumann frequency. Scientists state this resonant frequency is the oscillating rhythm of the magnetic field of the Earth. The experiments we have done reveal that if we place a generator set on Schumann frequency close to a human being the brain becomes immune to harmful radiations in the environment. Conversely, if this frequency is disturbed at the level of the human body, disease will soon occur. Experiments conducted by NASA confirmed all this and now astronauts use this type of devices in all spaceships to protect themselves and restore their vitality.

Our device offers protection against radiations emitted by mobile phones, TV screens, computers, microwave ovens, transmission lines, radio transmitters. It also annihilates the influences of geopathogenic areas (Hartmann radiations) and protects the subject’s vital field in crowded cities or in environments with low subtle fields (hospitals, graveyards, places where accidents occur frequently), houses with harmful resonances. Vital Protect has on the human body the following effects:
• amplifies vitality;
• accelerates healing processes;
• increases resistance to stress and fatigue;
• increases capacity for effort.


• especially children, as they are at a greater risk for disease;
• town people;
• pregnant women (unfortunately, too many infants are being diagnosed with brain tumors or other diseases which physicians cannot explain and, therefore, are unable to treat);
• elderly people and persons with a weak immune system who are an easy target to viruses, bacteria, infections and all kinds of diseases;
• people who work on computers or talk for a long time on their cell phones.

Find more informations about Vital Protect here.

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