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Virtual medicine: a higher dimensional in healing

“Have you ever wondered why a teacup is a teacup? Why don’t the atoms at the edge go wandering off and become, say, a spoon? The answer is an information field. When you drink a cup of tea you do so from which, in material terms, is 99.99999999 per cent not there. Only the field is real.  Matter, as quantum physics teaches us, is a mere illusion.” (Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, “Virtual Medicine: A New Dimension in Energy Healing”)

In other words, when I am in front of the mirror, am I looking in the eye of a simple illusion? That is just fine for those days when I hate the way I look…

Joking apart, the answer is YES. That is what I am. What we are: 0.000001% matter – molecules, biochemical plasma organized and kept together by the information field. This information field is what “brings us there and keeps us in place”, says Keith Scott-Mumby.

Up to a point, nothing new under the sun: the idea that energy is the building block of the entire universe and matter itself is energy condensed is now common knowledge. Only percentages differ somehow: for some experts cosmos “is divided” into 96% energy and 4% matter while others consider the ratio to be 99 versus 1.

“Everything in our life and being is energy and information.” (Dr. Scott-Mumby) Everything, including parasites, viruses, cancerous formations – disease itself is a wavelet or a tsunami (depending on the case) of energy and information. This is a fact ignored by conventional medicine, which is set up on the concept of “matter” (pharmaceutical drugs). On the opposite side we have a reality re-enfoced by supporters (and practitioners) of virtual (energetic) medicine, based on the concept of “energy”. In the first line of this latter direction we have Keith Scott-Mumby, Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Fellow of the Royal College of Practitioners (alternative medicine).

We are energy fields

According to Dr. Scott-Mumby, virtual medicine is a new dimension in energy healing, an intelligent way of approaching health and fixing the imbalances in the body based on concepts established by Eastern healing traditions and validated in our days by quantum physics.

Energy medicine (sometimes called vibrational medicine) uses as a medium for healing the bio-electromagnetic flows of the human body, applying scientific discoveries and new technologies, with the aim of detecting and accurately measuring the energy field we are made of.

Conventional medicine, with its array of pharmaceutical drugs, goes for the effects and symptoms of a disease. Energy medicine aims at effective healing, going down to the causes that have triggered the ailment. This is a more sensible and effective method as we get closer to the source in order to treat and heal, affirms the author.

It is a productive dissension, says Werner Heisenberg, one of the fathers of modern quantum physics: “In the history of human thinking, the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet”.

Disease as an energy field distortion

Repetition is the mother of learning. Therefore, “everything in our life is energy and information” (informare, in Latin, means to give a material form). In other words, “information at the quantum field level is actually an active, creative force involved in the form and manifestation of reality”. (Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby)

From this perspective, disease is defined as “an interruption, an arrest or a distortion of information and energy fields”. Logically, healing begins with correcting the distortions (disturbances) by applying on the affected part or organism a favorable energy or resonance that will alleviate the imbalance and gently induce healing.

Dull abdomen

Under this name is known in the history of medicine the discovery made in the early 20th century by a famous American neurologist, Dr. Albert Abrams: a sick tissue emits waves that can cause physical changes in the bodies of patients.

Abrams came to that conclusion after performing several experiments when, by tapping the abdomens of his patients diagnosed with tuberculosis or cancer, he was astonished to find that the sound suddenly lost its resonance the moment a Röntgen machine was turned on nearby. But only when the patients faced west.

From one experiment to another, Albert Abrams substantiated his conclusion (weird, thought his contemporaries, who were marching under the flag of conventional medicine): according to him, each disease “emitted” on a specific frequency. And it was possible to build a machine capable to transmit electric oscillations precisely on the adequate counter-frequency, thus modifying the characteristics of the sick tissue and healing it.

This impressive gadget was later built and named Oscilloclast. It was to offer in effect the possibility of remarkable healing.

Therefore, it is true: our bodies have the natural capacity to fight disease and heal by themselves if properly stimulated. And recent technologies, based on energy fields, can do just that. This is the essence of virtual medicine. A concept inspired by the Chinese and Ayurvedic healing models.

Well, nothing new under the sun? Not quite. Virtual medicine in the second decade of the 21st century is making the most of the ancient Asian philosophy, confirming what Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has said: “Medicine is about to undergo its most startling transformation”.

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