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Holistic Medicine (I)

According to the Explanatory Dictionary, holism is a concept which refers to the fact that the whole cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts and there actually is an “integrating factor” of the world, an immaterial and unknowable principle. The field the term “holism” applies to most often is medicine. Nevertheless, it is useful to apply it to all levels of existence and mainly to the spiritual one.

You cannot treat the eye without taking into account the head, you cannot treat the head without taking into account the mind and you cannot treat the mind without taking into account the human soul and spirit. (Zamolxe)

What is holistic medicine? And how can we extrapolate holism on a spiritual level?

Allopathic medicine is based on the conclusions the chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur arrived at and regards any imbalance in the human system as a purely chemical problem. In other words, if a symptom appears in one part of the body, allopathic medicine prescribes a local treatment designed mainly to annihilate the symptoms. If you have a headache, the doctor prescribes an antineuralgic; if an infection occurs, you are given an antibiotic drug. The treatment is the same for all patients.

A statistics conducted on people with very serious diseases – such as cancer, AIDS, syphilis – revealed a strange aspect: all patients had had a long history of more and more severe diseases which they “treated” allopathically. One patient had had a simple yeast infection and received an allopathic treatment. Later, she developed trichomoniasis which she “treated” the same way. Then she had herpes, papilloma – also “treated” allopathically – and, in the end, syphilis or cervix cancer. All is proof that this approach does not solve the issue but rather moves it to a much deeper level, much more difficult to treat.

In the example above, Candida is an opportunistic yeast which develops when the body is weak, as in a city full of dirt that attracts mice. Extrapolating to our metaphor, an allopathic approach would be to poison the mice. Besides the fact that discharging garbage by using chemicals does not solve the real problem, it also creates new dangers (pollution of underground water, accidental contaminations of people etc.). Even if the mice in the city die, the garbage will attract new ones. More and more powerful poisons will be used and finally there will come a time when nothing can be done and the city will have to be deserted (it will be declared a dead city!). In a clean city mice have nothing to eat and they leave or die of starvation. It is easier to keep the city clean and eliminate the cause, because this way the originaI balance (state of health) is maintained. Although it is easier and more economic (cheaper) to maintain a clean body, this solution is not “healthy” for the business of those who sell remedy drugs.

There are people with tumors who keep on living without allopathic treatment

All allopathic treatments have side effects, even the most common ones, such as aspirin. Others, more powerful, are in effect poisons that not only attack the “wrongful” bacteria, but poison the body as a whole. Let us take as an example cytostatics, the so-called chemotherapy used in the allopathic treatment of cancer. All oncologists who have prescribed cytostatics know that these cytostatics are very powerful poisons. They are in no way a remedy but a biologically selective poison killing cells with a high reproduction rate. Therefore they kill cancer cells, but also other cells, such as cells in nails or hair, and mainly white cells, the guardians of the physical body. That is why, before prescribing a dose of cytostatics, the doctor performs first of all a leucograma, otherwise he risks to cause in a short time the death of his patient. Any allopathic doctor knows that a patient undergoing chemotherapy engages on a sure road to death. No patient can bear more than 20 complete doses of cytostatics. All the doctor can say under such circumstances is that the patient will surely die in two years’ time. On the other hand, many patients refused chemotherapy yet did not die because of their cancer.

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