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Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structure

How can we possibly think that if we keep our mobile phones close to our brains we are safe? The only answer is that we are not yet aware of what we are doing. We have no idea about the risks we expose ourselves to. If we cannot see them, it does not mean these radiations do not exist. We should remember Marie Curie, who died because of an aplastic anemia caused by accidental exposure to radiations – the harmful effect of radioactivity was not known at the time.

We cannot turn back the time, but we have to consider the consequences electromagnetic radiations have on our health so as to take proper measures of protection. Many types of cancer we now know nothing about are going to surface in the coming years. The question haunting people’s minds is whether radiations emitted by mobile phones can cause cancer (of any type). Unfortunately, the studies and research in this field are warning us: GSM radiations significantly contribute to the emergence of different cancerous tumors.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when you spend time in nature’s lap, somewhere outside the pail of civilization?

An incredible twist of fate

Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structureIn 1951, a German researcher made a discovery that was to change everything. His name was Winfried Otto Schumann and he was a professor of Physics at the Technical University in Munich. One day he was teaching his students the physics of electricity, explaining how a sphere inside another sphere can generate voltage and therefore frequency. The students could not quite comprehend this phenomenon. The professor asked them to envision the Earth as being a sphere inside another sphere (the ionosphere). He drew a picture on the blackboard and asked them to compute the voltage existing between the two. Schumann himself did not know the answer. So he started to compute along with his students. Finally he came to a frequency of about 10 Hz. He could hardly believe that the Earth had a pulse, a measurable frequency. Though proud of his discovery, the brilliant professor didn’t realize how important it really was. Schumann’s results were published on the last pages of a not very popular scientific journal under the headline the Schumann Resonance. Only after a number of years and an incredible twist of fate did the professor understand how great his discovery was.

That twist of fate had already taken place 30 years before due to another German scientist – Hans Berger. Using an electroencephalograph of his own design, Berger was the first to record the electrical frequencies transmitted by the human brain. This discovery was originally to be named after him, but Berger, a modest man, named it the “Alpha waves”.

Shortly after Schumann’s discovery, a fellow physician of Hans Berger came upon a scientific journal that had published the article on Schumann resonance a few years before. He read it several times and understood the magnitude of that discovery. The frequency of Alpha waves recorded and measured by Hans Berger was almost identical to Schumann resonance, the frequency of the Earth. That physician immediately contacted Schumann and persuaded him to carry on his research. Helped by one of his students, the professor at the Technical University in Munich started to study closely how the voltage was discharged through lightning bolts inside the cavity between the Earth and the ionosphere. By computing, he came to an exact result. Namely, that Schumann resonance was 7.83 Hz. It was astonishing. Schumann resonance had the same value as the Alpha waves measured by Hans Berger. The brain waves that bear on our creativity, performance, level of stress, anxiety and immune system proved to have the same frequency as our planet. The pulse of our Earth became the pulse of life itself. Coincidence?

The amazing results of the bunker experiment

Rütger Wever, a distinguished researcher at Max Planck Institute in Germany, went deeper on the results measured by Schumann and Hans Berger. In the early 1960s, he conducted an experiment in which healthy students at Max Planck Institute volunteered to participate. First he built an underground bunker completely isolated and disconnected from the natural resonance of the Earth. The participants stood there several weeks. The results of the experiment were staggering. The students started to develop all kinds of physical and psychic disorders – headaches, emotional distress and anxiety. Nevertheless, when he secretly placed inside the bunker a Schumann frequency generator, the students’ disorders either completely disappeared or were much alleviated and they returned to wellness. Wever’s research revealed that there was an amazing connection between man’s health and the natural frequency of the Earth. Later scientists came to the conclusion that Schumann resonance may very well be a prerequisite for life.

The spark of life where there is no life

Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structureThe most important contribution was made by Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who was to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). His studies were considered a big help in homeopathy. While up to that time life had been thought to appear only in places where there had existed life before, Montagnier overturned this fundamental theory with the results of his experiments. He proved that in water the DNA sequences intercommunicate and emit low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when sequences were kept in individual test tubes, professor Montagnier recorded electromagnetic activity taking place between them. How sophisticated can this communication be? Well, Montagnier showed that in water the emissions of the low frequency electromagnetic waves taking place between DNA sequences are capable to form nucleotides (the building blocks of nucleic acids – such as RNA and DNA) and create a new DNA.

In no other previous experiment could this spark of life be recreated. No other researcher could transform nucleotides in DNA. What was so different in Montagnier’s experiment? How exactly had he been able to achieve what others could not? He created life where there had been no life, reversing the theory which stated that life can appear only out of something alive. What was different in Montagnier’s experiment was the presence of a generator of Schumann frequency – 7.83 Hz. Without this resonance (disrupted by harmful artificial interferences) any attempt to transform nucleotides into DNA failed.

Electrosensitivity – a disorder mobile phone companies say nothing about

The sensitivity of living things (and particularly human beings) to electromagnetic fields was first discovered by Robert Otto Becker 40 years ago. Later an experiment was performed aimed at testing children’s sense of spatial orientation. The subject was blindfolded and seated on a mobile chair that someone turned a few times to the left and right until the child could no longer remember which direction he was facing. When the chair came to a standstill, the child was asked to guess if he was facing east, west, north or south. After performing the experiment on a relevant number of children over 10 years of age, the conclusion was obvious: children have a natural sense of spatial orientation, a magnetic sense, as over 90% of them gave correct answers when asked to say which cardinal point they were facing. Participants in the experiment (blindfolded) were then attached a magnet to their heads. The result was surprising. Children almost completely lost their sense of spatial orientation and gave wrong answers when asked about their cardinal position.

It is a big step forward in understanding our sensitivity to magnetic fields. This sensitivity is shared by animals, birds, insects and plants. Does this mean we are as vulnerable as they are to electromagnetic fields generated by man? Scientists have one and the same answer: we are all affected by these radiations.

Yet there are researchers that say radiations emitted by mobile phones are not dangerous for users’ health. Yet every time these research and experiments are funded by huge corporations in the mobile phone industry. Just a coincidence? For example, one study representative in this field (Symptoms of electrosensitivity associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields) was done by MTHR (Mobile Telecommunication and Health Research), an institution sponsored by the British government. Although possible harmful effects of using mobile phones are taken into consideration, the final results obtained by scientists do not seem to be disturbing.

“I think they intend to be objective, but are driven by market interests.” (Michael Connarty, Council of Europe)

“Scientists are not celebrities. They do not earn a lot of money and have families to support. Who can blame them for acknowledging that a wrong result will not bring them any money from those who sponsor the study? There are statistics emphasizing that the results of research sponsored by electric industries or telecommunication companies (research on the influence of electromagnetic fields) tend to reach conclusions that favor the activity of those industries, in contrast with independent studies performed in universities.” (Dr. Roger Coghill, researcher in bioelectromagnetism)

“There are psychological pressures to conform and please the organization providing your funding… you feel obliged”. (Prof. Denis Henshaw, Bristol University)

“Is electrosensitivity a disease? Yes, absolutely. At present, declarations from health organizations confirm that it is a real problem and the symptoms can be severe!” (Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, emergency room doctor)

Do brain cells react to microwaves?

Twenty-five years ago mobile phone was considered just a whimsical idea. Nowadays 4 billion people own a mobile phone and the average age of a mobile phone user is 8 years. A cell phone works on microwaves transmitted to it from the main station. Therefore, when we keep a mobile phone close to our ear we expose our brain to these microwaves. Do brain cells react to these frequencies? One recent American study gives an answer to this question: they surely do!

Dr. Nora Volkow and her research team conducted a study performed on 47 healthy people during one year. The subjects had been attached mobile phones to both their ears and when one of them was activated the other one was turned off. Dr. Volkow used brain imaging equipment to detect how much glucose the brain absorbs during exposure to mobile phone radiations.

“There is a marker to indicate if changes occur in the activity of the brain, changes brought about by a certain stimulus which, in this case, is the cell phone. A 15 minute-cell phone exposure is associated with a significant increase in glucose intake. The brain region closest to the place where the mobile phone was attached showed the biggest change”. (Dr. Nora Volkow)

Nora Volkow was concerned mostly by the observations regarding the way the brain absorbed the microwaves generated by mobile phones. This phenomenon is now known as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) – a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to an electromagnetic field over a certain period of time and in a certain volume. For Europe, the limit is 2 W/Kg while for the United States it is 1.6 W/Kg. Apparently, most mobile phones come within these limits, but the tests to measure SAR were done only on adults who, as we all know, have a scalp thicker than children. Moreover, even for adults the implications of brain cell irradiation are not fully known.

“The people who do work on wireless technologies are by and large engineers. They have no idea what is going on in a living cell, but they are pontificating on this. They make the assumption that the only thing that can affect the well-being of a living organism is if [the level of RF/EMF] is powerful enough to heat the tissue. But that’s like saying they know if they boil an egg, it goes hard; what they don’t know is that if they don’t boil the egg, it turns into a chicken. They don’t have the slightest idea how that happens, yet they pontificate as if they did.” (Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, Biology Department, Imperial College).

Verdict: possibly carcinogenic

In 2011, World Health Organization reclassified radiations emitted by mobile phones as being possibly carcinogenic as they increased the risks of glioma, a malignant brain cancer.

The largest and most comprehensive study on the effects of mobile phone radiations was done by Dr. Lennart Hardell (oncology and epidemiology professor), who combined his own results and the work of other researchers worldwide. The study was named Epidemiologic proofs on the link between mobile phones use and tumors. Starting with 1999, he investigated the mobile phone habits of over 2 000 people diagnosed with brain tumors. These tumors were correlated with using cell phones because of their location – close to the ear. The conclusions of the study were shocking: mobile phone radiations significantly increase the risk of developing brain tumors. Dr. Lennart Hardell also pointed out that the previous studies had been performed over a period of time too short to obtain conclusive results. We need more than ten years to observe the carcinogenic risks of radiations, which was not the case with previous studies. We understand now why neurosurgeons warn that many brain cancer cases are expected to surface in the coming years.

We are extraordinary and extremely complex beings. The way our body works is no hazard. As any other being on this planet, we have adapted ourselves to this natural environment, an environment with its own subtle balance generated by vibratory phenomena. These frequencies not only encompass us, they are part of what we are and sustain our lives. The cell in our bodies intercommunicate using vital vibrations. DNA can be reproduced through certain electromagnetic frequencies. We are, as all beings on Earth, endowed with an electromagnetic sense we do not fully understand yet. We are vibrational beings animated by electric fields, by light and by a particular magnetism. We may have embraced wireless technologies and accepted them in our daily lives, but on a cellular level our bodies have done no such thing. The artificial frequencies we are rolling in are foreign to our bodies. Our children are born in a world their bodies are not able to understand. Where is all this taking us? When mobile phone companies acknowledge the harmful effects radiations have on human beings the disaster will already have been done on a large scale. Nevertheless, the chances these companies become aware of the dangers are as small as with the tobacco industry. Money talks. If any change is going to happen it will probably not happen because of them. It will have to come from us. It is high time we opened our eyes and faced the problem!

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