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Mobile phones – time bombs

On the 19th and 20th of May 2011 the International Conference on the Non-ionizing Radiation (NIR) and Children Health was organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in cooperation with the International Commission for Protection against Non-ionizing Radiation, the German Federal Bureau for Protection against Radiation, World Health Organization and the European Society for Skin Cancer Prevention. Experts at this conference presented their observations and results of their recent studies about the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body and especially debated subjects such as:

  • children protection against NIR;
  • leukemia among children;
  • other types of cancer caused by NIR;
  • recent studies on the harmful effects of mobile phones;
  • prenatal exposure to NIR;
  • children and modern technologies emitting NIR;
  • diseases caused by electromagnetic radiation.

The fact that organizations of such importance chose to hold a conference like that should make us think.

In what regards the effects of non-ionizing radiation, experts in the field state that talking on the phone for 15 minutes every day leads to the decay of brain cells and on a short term can cause:

  • headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • fatigue;
  • nausea;
  • vision and hearing impairment;
  • irritability;
  • lack of concentration.

These are only some of the harmful effects that can be felt on a short term because of radiations emitted by mobile phones. Nevertheless, on a long term consequences can be and really are devastating, especially among children, teenagers and pregnant women!

What is the experts’ opinion?

The people who do work on wireless technologies are by and large engineers. They have no idea what is going on in a living cell, but they are pontificating on this. They make the assumption that the only thing that can affect the well-being of a living organism is if [the level of RF/EMF] is powerful enough to heat the tissue. But that’s like saying they know if they boil an egg, it goes hard; what they don’t know is that if they don’t boil the egg, it turns into a chicken. They don’t have the slightest idea how that happens, yet they pontificate as if they did. (Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, Biology Department, Imperial College).

  • If mobile phones were a food product, they would never be authorized for commercialization!
  • Neurologists are expressing their concern about the influx of brain tumors in the coming years.
  • Mobile phones are “the largest human biological experiment ever”. (Arthur Fistenberg, founder of the independent campaign group the Cellular Phone Task Force)
  • Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this [20th] century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” (Prof. Andrew Weil, graduate of Harvard Medical School)
  • The most important measures of consumer protection are missing: complete and honest factual information to allow informed judgment by consumers about assumption of risk; the direct tracking and monitoring of what happens to consumers who use wireless phones; and the monitoring of changes in the technology that could impact health.” (George Carlo, chairman of the Institute for Public Sciences and Politics and chief of George Washington Health and Public Services University)

Mobile phone companies assert that mobile phones pose no risks for human health. Who should we believe? Scientists and neurologists or the shareholders in mobile phone companies?

There are psychological pressures to conform and please the organization providing your funding… you feel obliged. (Prof. Denis Henshaw, Bristol University)

What effects do non-ionizing radiations emitted by mobile phones and GSM antennas have on children?

  • In April 2005, The Daily Mail, a London newspaper, published an article named “What effects does mobile phone produce in the brain of a child in two minutes”. According to that article, talking on the phone for just two minutes will “open the blood-brain barrier”, allowing the toxins in the blood flow to get to the brain and destroy brain cells.
  • The dangers do not stop here. Scientists at the Neurological Research Institute in Marbella, Spain, discovered that two minutes spent on the phone alter the electric activity of a child’s brain and this effect lasts for an entire hour after the conversation is over!
  • In the United States, malignant brain tumors represent the second cause of death among children under the age of 15 and adults under 34. (The statistics was done by!)
  • D. Gerald Hyland, researcher at the International Institute of Biophysics, Neuss-Holzheim, Germany, states: “The main effects on children who use mobile phones are neurological, causing headaches, lack of concentration, memory loss and sleeping disorders. It can also cause epilepsy in children. Children are particularly vulnerable because they are still developing their immune systems and are less robust than adults”.

An industry brought to trial

As reported in the Sun-Sentinel in October 2005, lawsuits have been filed by attorneys representing individuals with brain tumors claiming they were caused by their mobile phone usage. Such suits are awaiting trial dates. Brain tumor patient Ms Sharesa Price, through a Californian attorney, won the first law suit against cell phone companies. A popular press report relating to this is posted on YouTube and was also reported in a documentary entitled “Cell Phones: An Industry on Trial”. Unfortunately, this version is dubbed in Russian and the original one is nowhere to be found.

According to research done by scientists in Hungary, by simply carrying a mobile phone a man’s spermatozoa will reduce up to 30%. A study performed on 221 males showed that the radiations emitted by a mobile phone carried in a pocket or attached to a belt are enough to affect the quality and quantity of sperm. This study was done in June 2004 and was debated at the 20th annual meeting organized by the society on problems concerning human reproduction and embryology that took place in Berlin, Germany.

In October 2006, the results of another study, done by a clinic in Ohio, suggested that non-ionizing radiations emitted by mobile phones is a cause of infertility in some males. American researchers and physicians in Mumbai, India, who performed the study, determined that out of the 361 patients those who had infertility problems were the ones using mobile phones for more than 4 hours every day. Professor Ashok Agarwal expresses his concern about this.

Why are mobile phones so dangerous?

  • they emit electromagnetic radiation fields continuously, even when you are not talking on the phone!
  • you hold the phone close to your brain for too long a time (summing up the hours of talking on the phone)
  • medical research highlights more and more devastating biological effects concerning radiations emitted by mobile phones (brain tumors are frequently situated close to the spot the phone touches the head!)

However, we are living in a world that cannot be imagined without mobile phones and other devices that emit electromagnetic fields. From the most common household appliance, a reading lamp, a microwave oven, a computer, up to the means of communication, everything is done using electricity and electromagnetic fields. Unfortunately, we have come to live in an invisible web of radiations and the impact they have on our body is devastating. But who could estimate just how cell functioning is affected in the short run and in the long run? And where is all this taking us? Are our bodies able to adapt to an environment more and more contaminated with frequencies foreign to our bodies? If so we should see it in the population health, whereas we experience an unprecedented range of diseases – brain tumors, leukemia, breast cancer, severe hormonal disorders and so on. In this context, we must find adequate techniques and devices that can protect us against the harmful effects of electromagnetic smog.

What can you do for your own protection?

  • First of all, do not take for granted what you have read here. Look on your own for information about the danger of electromagnetic radiation. Find out just how non-ionizing radiations emitted by mobile phones and GSM antennas on buildings can affect you.
  • Tell your loved ones about radiations! Let them know that the problem of brain tumors caused by mobile phones is much more serious than mass-media implies and that in some countries mobile phone companies are brought to trial for the disasters on human health. They are sued and have to pay compensations. Unfortunately, money is no consolation when people find out they have only a few more months to live…
  • Take measures to protect yourself against radiations emitted by mobile phones and GSM antennas and teach others what to do. AIM Group is offering you VITAL PROTECT, a portable protection device able to counteract 90% of the effects of non-ionizing radiations. We shall describe hereinafter a few simple measures you can apply in order to reduce the risks of exposure to electromagnetic radiations.

How to use your mobile phone safely

  • Always carry with you a special device capable to protect you against non-ionizing radiations and keep it as close to your body as possible. This is the first and most important measure of protection!
  • Shorten the time of exposure to radiations emitted by your mobile phone!
  • Use hands-free or speaker options so that your mobile phone is as far away from your brain as possible!
  • Eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis! They help fortify your body. Scientific research shows that certain fruits, vegetables and plants are sources rich in phytochemicals that can prevent the emergence of cancerous tumors and other diseases. Find out what food products can fight cancer! (You may read the book “Foods that Fight Cancer”.)
  • Avoid spending time in buildings with GSM antennas on top and particularly keep away from the last floors of such buildings!
  • Turn off your mobile phone during the night!

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