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A radical paradigm shift in medicine

In Antiquity medical practice was based on the theory of demonism. Disease was considered a punishment for sin and could be prevented or cured by embracing a lifestyle of devotion or fighting the demons through exorcism. Based on this religious dogma, dissection and examination of the human body were forbidden for a long time. With the acceptance of autopsy and the study of the human anatomy an important step ahead was made and thus came the first revolution in medicine. Blind demonism was abandoned in favor of a new perspective on the body, a good understanding of how the body organs function and influence each other. This revolution brought along humor pathology, as well as classical homeopathy and Bach floral therapy. Humor pathology is now one of the pillars of medicine. The human body is understood as a technical and biochemical system; technical failure, imbalances and blockages are the causes for disease.

Optical microscopy led to a new discovery

A radical paradigm shift in medicine - GenesThings once hidden were brought to light. A Newtonian school of thought appeared looking for disease on smaller and smaller units of matter. Thus, for example, genes and cell mutations were found responsible. Contemporary oncology and immunology have developed according to this model of thinking.

The German physician Ryke G. Hamer laid the foundation for the third revolution in medicine. This happened in 1981. Since then we have evidently had a wrong understanding of disease. Therefore an important paradigm shift is taking place: nothing is any longer considered right or wrong but effective or ineffective from nature’s point of view. Ryke Geerd Hamer brought to light the existence of special biological programs that become active when the body is faced with a biological conflict (fear of death, unexpectedly losing a family member or a spouse, emotional shock of bad news, no more supply with food, incapacity of meeting sexual needs, a serious accusation, losing one’s job etc.).

The biological conflict triggers a certain program (correlated with the specific functions of each organ) through which the body manages the problem we face on a physiological level. These special programs are not our enemy but our ally. Nevertheless, nowadays the stages for installing, solving and completely curing a biological conflict are misunderstood by classical medicine and approached in a way that hinders their natural evolution. But it should be noted that while the emotional conflict is solved, the body can still suffer in the stage of solving and curing and symptoms will appear.

Symptoms – stages in the process of healing

A radical paradigm shift in medicine - SymptomsThe German physician Hamer is founding his understandings on thousands of cases of people with cancer (in advanced stages) he helped heal, although other doctors gave them only a few months to live. Symptoms that classical medicine is treating are exactly the modalities through which the biological programs (whose aim is to ensure survival and reinstall balance) manage the conflict. Furthermore, symptoms, though unpleasant, may appear even in the healing stage.

The body cannot sometimes regain balance by itself because it lacks the necessary resources in energy, rest and mental support. For example, during the active stage of a biological conflict the following symptoms can appear: fever, lack of appetite, cold hands, an obsessive preoccupation for the conflict situation, anorexia, sleeplessness, high levels of stress hormones and intense increase in metabolic activity. Such symptoms are ways in which our bodies react in order to help us manage the problem. Lack of appetite, for example, appears so that our digestive system is not loaded while we manage the problem, giving us the energy we need for solving the conflict. If the situation lasts for a long time, the person will lose weight and the situation will probably worsen. To further assist the body one needs rest (sleep), energy and peace of mind. In other words, the vital force has to be propelled and stimulated so that the body is able to regain strength.

Questioning classical medical practice

What exactly in the classical medicine approach is supporting the new discoveries and understandings of disease? Since medicines are generally meant to stop symptoms from manifesting themselves, no wonder human health is continuously affected. We live in an age addicted to medical drugs and are more and more debilitated and vulnerable to disease. This is something we must take into consideration.

A therapy really effective in what regards nature and the way the human body manages situations is the one that gives impetus to the vital force, offering the conditions necessary for the fluctuations of the mind to disappear, sleep to come naturally and recovery to be easier.

The AIM Group research team on frontier sciences has been attempting and working to solve this problem ever since 1982. The devices we design are meant to awaken the latent capabilities in the human being in order to activate the body’s innate intelligence for healing itself and prepare the whole being to access higher levels of spiritual evolution.

BIO SYNERGY is a bio-energetic battery that allows the regeneration of the human organism due to the resonance phenomena occurring between the human being connected to the battery and the colloidal gold solution inside it. A few sessions of using BIO SYNERGY for half an hour every day bring rest to those who are tired, have been experienced stress and exhaustion for long periods of time, to those who are in search of a harmonious influence that can help them coordinate their physical, mental and spiritual valences so that the latter can act on their physical bodies.

A radical paradigm shift in medicineThis bio-battery is manufactured according to the revelations Edgar Cayce had during his trances and is based on discoveries made by scientists who studied Inca civilization (Inca temples) and on descriptions of similar principles found in ancient Eastern texts. This battery was first examined by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach, which applies the knowledge revealed by Cayce, and the results they obtained were amazing. Edgar Cayce personally insisted on the importance of this device. He considered it to be superior to any other method and stated that it doubled life expectancy.

The main effects reported by those who use BIO SYNERGY (on condition they use it at least 31 days in a row for two or even three months and at least half an hour daily) are:

  • it greatly amplifies the vital energy in the body, allowing faster regeneration and recovery;
  • it increases life expectancy by diminishing the risk for stroke, heart attack etc.;
  • it awakens solar psychic faculties (lucidity, calmness, positive energy, enthusiasm, harmony, generosity, warmth);
  • it physically restores nervous tissue (to our knowledge, it is the only device in the world that can do this) and therefore restores brain functions damaged by diseases such as senility, mental degeneration (Alzheimer), dementia, lesions and tumors of the brain, mongolism, mental handicaps, lack of cerebral coordination, certain forms of paralysis;
  • it improves functioning in the digestive system, lymphatic, mammary, thyroid and pancreatic glands.

For further information about BIO SYNERGY you can access click here and read the instruction book for this device.

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