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Mobile phones – time bombs

Mobile phones – time bombs

On the 19th and 20th of May 2011 the International Conference on the Non-ionizing Radiation (NIR) and Children Health was organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in cooperation with the International Commission for Protection against Non-ionizing Radiation, the German Federal Bureau for Protection against Radiation, World Health Organization and the European Society for Skin Cancer Prevention. Experts at this conference presented their observations and results of their recent studies about the effects of non-ionizing radiation on the human body and especially...

How she cured depression and recovered vitality? 1

How she cured depression and recovered vitality?

For one and a half years I had been seriously depressed and feeling exhausted. I was tired even if I did nothing, just imagine! After seven days of therapy using BIO SYNERGY for half an hour every day, I recovered the joy of living and the quality of my sleep improved significantly. The beneficial changes I experienced in my body over such a short time are simply amazing! (Luminița B., Hunedoara) The therapy with BIO SYNERGY brings about real changes...

A radical paradigm shift in medicine 4

A radical paradigm shift in medicine

In Antiquity medical practice was based on the theory of demonism. Disease was considered a punishment for sin and could be prevented or cured by embracing a lifestyle of devotion or fighting the demons through exorcism. Based on this religious dogma, dissection and examination of the human body were forbidden for a long time. With the acceptance of autopsy and the study of the human anatomy an important step ahead was made and thus came the first revolution in...