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How she cured depression and recovered vitality?

For one and a half years I had been seriously depressed and feeling exhausted. I was tired even if I did nothing, just imagine! After seven days of therapy using BIO SYNERGY for half an hour every day, I recovered the joy of living and the quality of my sleep improved significantly. The beneficial changes I experienced in my body over such a short time are simply amazing! (Luminița B., Hunedoara)

The therapy with BIO SYNERGY brings about real changes (you can feel and see them) in your health as long as you avoid abuse and lavishness in your life style. Here are some of the most important beneficial effects on your body:

  • greatly amplifies the vital energy in the body, an effect that you can see in the activation of your own magnetism and electricity;
  • increases life expectancy, by diminishing the risk for stroke, heart attack etc.;
  • awakens solar psychic faculties (lucidity, calmness, positive energy, enthusiasm, harmony, generosity, warmth);
  • physically restores nervous tissue (to our knowledge, it is the only device in the world that can do this) and therefore restores brain functions damaged by diseases such as senility, mental degeneration (Alzheimer), dementia, lesions and tumors of the brain, mongolism, mental handicaps, lack of cerebral coordination, certain forms of paralysis;
  • improves functioning of the digestive system, of lymphatic, mammary, thyroid and pancreatic glands.

I bought BIO SYNERGY for my mother, who had several diseases, some coming with old age (she was 77), others which she had had since her youth. She used the device every day. After one and a half months, she told me she felt more energetic. I was pleased, I thought BIO SYNERGY had fulfilled its promise. Nevertheless, after one more month I was surprised to see that my mother was better in many other ways: her walk was more dynamic, her complexion looked healthy and she had more energy than I had! I was astonished to see all these changes. Recently I have taken her to a new set of medical tests. My mother is 83 now and almost all her tests were perfect! I have bought one such device for myself. Congratulations to the AIM Group team! Thank you so much for creating such devices! (Doina P., Bucharest)

“I have been using the battery for two weeks; starting with the very first week the results have been surprising! I have slept better than I have slept in the last nine years, my heart beat has returned to normal, I feel (and visualize!) a paradisiacal state of wellness!” (Teodor A., Timisoara)

What is Bio Synergy?

The Bio Synergy device is a bio-energetic battery (it makes use of the body’s energetic potential and does not need an external source to activate itself) that allows the regeneration of the human organism due to the resonance phenomena taking place between the human body and the colloidal gold solution in the battery. This bio-battery is manufactured according to the revelations Edgar Cayce had during his trances and is based on discoveries made by scientists who studied Inca civilization (Inca temples) and on descriptions of similar principles found in ancient Eastern texts.

The bio-battery acts directly on blood circulation

The energetic current of the body goes through this device which, being used with ice, has a much lower temperature than the body. This way an electric impulse will appear which will be retransmitted into the body through the bracelets on the wrist and ankle. The bio-battery is designed in such a way as to transmit these energetic impulses regularly and uniformly. As opposed to other techniques that use high frequency currents, BIO SYNERGY therapy profoundly relaxes nerves and muscles. Our device is not connected to any electrical source (it uses only the electric potential of the body) and thus it causes no discomfort and is essentially beneficial for the whole body. Any time you feel exhausted mentally, emotionally or physically, BIO SYNERGY will help you recover your rest and regenerate your energy resources, as it is designed to balance the energetic vibrations for each organ in the body. Any factor disrupting normal body functioning can be balanced if you use the bio-battery on a daily basis. Very good results are obtained in treating rheumatism, neuralgia, headaches, cold, insomnia, fatigue and stress.

Edgar Cayce recommends that the bio-battery should be used together with practicing meditation and prayer to obtain health results as no other therapy has ever done. As it balances the energies flowing in the body, BIO SYNERGY can be used in any type of disease and imbalance to trigger natural healing and regeneration processes.

The bio-battery produces spiritual transformations

Besides improvements on the physical level, the use of the bio-battery paves the way for producing changes on a spiritual level. There appear new understandings, a complex view on life and the universe. Edgar Cayce recommended his patients to pay attention to the dreams they had during bio-battery therapy as those dreams were an expression of the changes manifested at a subconscious level. The impulses produced by the bio-battery are not a sort of mystical energies, neither do they operate through a placebo effect. If used on a regular basis, BIO SYNERGY will produce real results, changes on a physiological level. Each cell in the body is emitting a specific energetic vibration. Because of disturbing external or internal factors, some cells begin to lose part of the vital energy necessary for their reconstruction and regeneration. At the same time, other cells in the body are vibrating with health. The bio-battery receives this extra vital energy and reassigns it to the cells lacking energy. This way an energetic and physiological balancing becomes possible.

Eugen Bargaoanu, president of AIMGroupIn 1983, I read an article in Science et vie (one of the few foreign magazines you could find in our libraries). The article was about an important meeting on the subjects of parapsychology and psychic powers. At that symposium had been present Djuna Davitasvili (the famous clairvoyant in Russia), Vanga Dimitrova and the Bulgarian psychologist Gheorghi Lozanov, Uri Geller, two telepathic sisters from China, a child from Congo that could see through objects and others. There had been performed many amazing experiments. Djuna separated from a distance the yolk from the white of an egg, the egg being broken in a glass of water; the Congolese child managed to indicate the position of an object hidden inside a building, Geller moved and bent several distant objects.

That article in Science et vie made me think. I realized we were living a petty life when we had a brain and a mind that could accomplish anything we might imagine. After reading the article I was determined to find new ways and to design devices that could help us develop these latent powers we have inside. Virtually all our research and all the devices we created afterwards were motivated by our desire to uncover the secrets of the subconscious, to find out how we can access it and what this means in mental terms. (Eugen Bargaoanu, president of AIMGroup)

BIO SYNERGY therapy can be combined with other therapies

This is done in accordance with the nature of the existing imbalance (massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, wrapping, physical exercise etc.). Nevertheless, you should not use the bio-battery immediately after ingesting powerful prescription drugs. Also, during a BIO SYNERGY session you must not make any intellectual effort. You should be in a state of peace, introspection, spiritual aspiration, positive thinking and serenity.

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