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Holistic Medicine (II)

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WN is the financial side behind all these drugs. A dose of cytostatics costs almost 1 000 dollars, but the patient is not aware of this because health insurance pays for it. Consider that every year, only in Europe, three million people who have completed chemotherapy die, then think about the huge financial interest behind all this drug industry, the second most profitable in the world, after arms industry. Health insurance pays to drug manufacturers 20 000 dollars (for example) for the cytostatics designed for one single patient with cancer, but if that patient asks health insurance to give him 2 000 dollars to treat himself choosing other therapies he will not receive the money. In accordance with the saying “follow the money”, we can clearly see that those who “treat” do not have as their main interest the health of their patients, as they should.

For that matter, allopathic medicine does not aim to cure anything even if it could – which it can’t. One of the main branches in contemporary medicine is pathology – the study of disease. Shouldn’t they lay emphasis on ways to stay healthy? Similarly, in order to understand and attain success, you have to study successful people, not people who fail.

Holistic approach does not infer confidence in doctors and drugs

Holistic medicine postulates that in all of us there is a vital force, a special form of intelligence centered on surviving. What we call “diseases” are in fact ways by which this vital force compensates for certain imbalances, a small sacrifice in order to save the system. By treating them inappropriately the imbalance will only amplify. This intelligence is the only one capable to cure the illness and the holistic doctor awakens it in order to restore health.

ONCE AWAKED, THE VITAL FORCE brings the imbalance to the surface. All the subject has to do is be patient and act in the same direction as the force. For instance, a mental disorder treated this way can manifest itself by symptoms in the lungs, but if the patient treats the effects manifested in the lungs, the disease reappears on the mental level and it even gets worse.

This approach also requires great courage, especially when it comes to modern materialistic thinking. One needs to have faith in this force’s inherent intelligence. The truth is the human mind is able to control but a limited number of processes while many others escape conscious mind. For example, while eating, who gives a thought to the way digestion takes place? Or who is conscious of the way oxygen diffuses into the blood inside the lungs? A lot of processes are controlled by this vital force in a perfect way if we allow it to work properly and do not act against it.

All we have to do is be humble enough to recognize its merits and have the detachment to let it act freely – this is real courage.

All great discoveries of mankind have been made due to this inherent intelligence abiding in us. Mendeleev discovered the periodic table during a dream. Einstein discovered the theory of relativity daydreaming what it would be like to fly riding a beam of light. Edison said all his ideas came to him while in a state of light sleep. Tesla used to fall into reveries during which he envisioned all his discoveries. And the list could go on. The truth is all these discoveries were made by people who had the courage to unleash this force.

What does being spiritual mean?

We have emphasized the holistic approach on health exactly because of its close connection to spirituality. But what is spirituality? What does being spiritual mean? If we were to judge things according to Christian thinking (all genuine traditions have the same ultimate aim), John’s Gospel begins with the following: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. That means all manifestation is actually God manifested. There is nothing outside God. All a human being has to do in order to be spiritual is be aware of this omnipresence of God. For a holistic approach we have to state our goal properly, because our subconscious mind will lead us towards fulfilling that goal.

We have said earlier that mind can control but a limited number of an action’s implications. How can you know what happens when you pray or light a candle in church? Your duty is to state your goal properly. If instead of aiming for health all you want is to remove some moles on your skin (because they look ugly, for instance), you may have to pay with serious illness or even with your life.

OUR RESEARCH AND ALL THE DEVICES WE CREATE aim at this holistic integration and intent to develop and amplify this vital force. They are meant to awaken this force that restores balance, regenerates and heals the whole body. Every indication regarding the healing effects comes from practice. The effects also depend on the user’s mindset and on properly stating their goal. The vital force is awakened, with profound and benefic effects. At the same time, our devices produce a spiritual awakening of the person using them.

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