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Free-energy technologies – utopia or reality?

Although it has a huge force to radically transform our entire life, the term free-energy is confusing for many of us. What does it mean in fact and why is it so important to know the fascinating potential of free-energy? What new world view is coming along with the emergence of this secret information, inconvenient for governments (because they do not want people to know it)? What brilliant minds nurtured such ideas that have an enormous force to change the world? These are essential questions whose answers have the power to change minds, to bring light in places where darkness has prevailed for more than a century and produce a real technological revolution worldwide.

Energy FOR FREE, not bondless energy

To clear any misunderstanding, it is important to know that free-energy means energy for free, not bondless energy. Free-energy is a form of energy drawn directly from the vacuum, issued from the quantum fluctuations existing in the vacuum of space. It is also called zero-point energy. Scientists considered for a long time that space (between the planets and Earth) was empty. Later, they were stunned to discover it was not empty. On the contrary, it is extremely dense in energy, an energy present even in our bodies.

What alternative do we have for generating electric current?

Nowadays, in order to generate electricity huge quantities of fossil fuels are being burnt. Many of us know the serious problems (debated more or less tactfully) regarding the extraction and transaction of fossil fuels in the world. Undoubtedly, the huge costs, the fact these resources are continually shrinking and the harmful effects on the environment (mainly as a result of burning fuels) are powerful warning signals that governments conceal, but increasingly affect us. It is high time we made a change because this situation concerns all of us! We must wake up and open our eyes to envisage a much more effective solution for generating electricity!

What alternative do we have? A solution incomparably cheaper (almost with no cost whatsoever) as well as ecologic is represented by the free-energy systems. What is a free-energy system? It is a device that connects us to the zero-point energy (vacuum) and is capable to generate a different form of energy. To extract energy from space is indeed a miracle and this energy is inexhaustible. Nevertheless, this is not the only solution we have when it comes to free-energy. We have hydrogen, a fuel extracted from water molecules or the thermal technology that can turn waste heat into electricity. The same free-energy devices apply to hydraulic energy (ecologically drawn out of the energy of rivers and oceans).

Radical transformations

The development of such ecological free-energy technologies is much too important for us to dispense with them, to ignore them, even if this free-energy has been repressed for more than a century. These technologies must invade and diffuse all over the world just as they were meant to when brilliant minds designed them. We are now at a turning point when reality is about to be reversed. Current methods for producing electricity are no longer viable and space energy will probably soon be our salvation. Such a transformation will have profound effects at more than one level. Financially, we will no longer have to pay for the energy we need. This will undoubtedly lead to a comedown of companies and industries that provide electricity. From an ecological point of view, there will be a regeneration of the environment that has had to deal with pollution for decades on end. We can heal the water, the air and the soil that sustain life. This will surely bring about a significant improvement in the health and vitality of mankind.

Nikola TeslaNIKOLA TESLA, a genius well beyond both his age and ours who always had at heart the good of mankind, was the visionary pioneer of this form of taking energy directly from akasha. Tesla is the father of free-energy. His dream was to supply the entire Earth with energy for free (free-energy). Nikola Tesla may well have been the most intelligent human being, more intelligent than Einstein. He designed projects and entertained fascinating ideas that seem incredible even today, but many of them were later credited with Thomas Edison.

More and more people are talking today about the secret of Nikola Tesla, a secret concerning free-energy. After announcing he could develop a system capable to use natural energy (free of cost and inexhaustible) to generate other forms of energy, his investors did not support him, on the contrary they hindered him. They knew that Tesla’s ingenuity was a threat to the prosperity of the big electrical companies. While this brilliant inventor wanted the best for the whole mankind, the magnates providing utilities were concerned to become richer and richer. We now know that the famous Wardenclyffe Tower that Tesla built to generate free electricity was demolished. The book The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla describes the plan this genius had to electrify the whole world using free-energy. In this book one can also find the documents issued by the Supreme Court of the United States on the lawsuit concerning the demolishing of the free-energy tower built by Tesla. On what pretext did they allow to destroy mankind’s hope for a better world? Why doesn’t history remember Nikola Tesla as he deserves to be remembered?

What obscure interests would be threatened?

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