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Advantages of Using Schumann Resonance Generators for Health and Wellness

From Fluoride in the water to GMOs, you are constantly faced with having to consume toxins. To make matters even worse, electric power lines, wireless devices, and other electronic devices also emit electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to the body. While modern researchers do not like to admit that cell phones can cause brain cancer, or that power lines also pose a danger to health and wellness, the fact remains millions of people are sick and don’t always know [...]


Key Benefits of the 7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency

As people find themselves getting sicker and sicker from modern foods, pollution, and dangerous medications, they are looking for alternatives that will give them relief. Not surprisingly, people are becoming more skeptical of EMF and other harmful radiations that seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. If you are concerned about electronic smog and the impact on your health, it is time to find out about some things that being shielded by the Schumann Frequency can do to [...]


How to Manage Emotional Stress and Anxiety

As you may be aware, there are many degrees of stress, as well as the levels of anxiety they produce. In the arena of allopathic medicine, we are often lead to believe that anxiety is always an abnormal response to stress. On the other hand, there are most certainly life events that cause incredibly high degrees of stress, and feeling anxious is more than justified. In addition, when you start adding up hidden and known causes of stress in [...]


The Connection between Alpha Waves and Schumann Resonance

To many people, alpha waves sound like something out of a science fiction movie and Schumann Resonance, well, what that means is anyone’s guess. The problem with that is that both of these phenomena have a direct, powerful influence on your health; you need to know about them, and by the end of this post, you will. What is Schumann Resonance? In the mid-1900s, we started to develop technology that opened up a whole new world of information, and we began [...]


The most effective method to protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation

Concentration difficulties, malaise, fatigue – these are only a few of the many problems we are faced with every day. Frequent exposure to sources like Wi-Fi networks, cell phone towers, GSM mobile phones, tablets, microwave ovens and so on, poses serious health risks because of the harmful radiation these devices emit. How can we explain this? In 1954, the scientist Herbert König, working with the Schumann team, came to the conclusion that the Earth’s resonance was 7.83 Hz. This discovery has [...]

Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structure 1

Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structure

How can we possibly think that if we keep our mobile phones close to our brains we are safe? The only answer is that we are not yet aware of what we are doing. We have no idea about the risks we expose ourselves to. If we cannot see them, it does not mean these radiations do not exist. We should remember Marie Curie, who died because of an aplastic anemia caused by accidental exposure to radiations – the [...]