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Bio Synergy: What it is and Why You Need It

Author: Belinda Hawthorne Historically speaking, the battle between complementary medicine methods and “conventional” methods has ebbed, flowed, and blurred as researchers gain a more accurate understanding of how the human body works in relation to the world and surrounding cosmos. Sadly, some of the most valuable and almost miraculous treatments remain hidden from people that need them most because modern science has neither the tools nor the resources to test them out properly. In this case, Bio Synergy is an [...]


Classic Medicine: It Does a Lot, But is it Enough?

When people start to feel sick, there is a natural instinct to wait and see if it will go away. Sooner or later, however, most people decide it is time to see a doctor that follows classical medicine standards. Sadly, by the time most people turn to complementary and holistic medicine, they are too sick for classical medicine to help them, and have a host of side effects from various drugs and procedures to deal with in the bargain. [...]


Bio Synergy: the colloidal gold therapy for rejuvenation

Alchemists considered the Sun to be closely connected to gold and, according to certain ancient treatises, the Egyptians used to ingest pure gold in order to purify their bodies, minds and spirits. 5,000 years ago, the alchemists from Alexandria (Egypt) created an elixir made of liquid gold, whose presence in the human body was believed to rejuvenate and revitalize all organ functions. In the 1990s, surgeons began implanting small pieces of gold near inflamed joints to reduce pain and heal [...]


The secret to slowing down the ageing process: cell regeneration

Did you know that the aging rate DOUBLES every 8 years? This is what happens if you standby and allow the processes that take place inside your body, especially after you have turned 30, to go on undisturbed. The good news is you can slow down your ageing process and this is exactly what we will be talking about in the following. As we grow old, all the components of our system slowly decline, which makes us more vulnerable to [...]


Therapeutic uses of basil, coriander and mint in ancient times

Herbs of the gods. This is how ancient people regarded some of today’s most commonly used spices. Nowadays we use them mainly to flavour our food and to a much lesser extent for their healing properties, but in ancient Greece and Rome things were different. Spices were associated with magic, rituals, and religion, as ancient people imagined their gods as pleasant-smelling deities. Since basil, coriander and mint are among the most popular herbs we use today, we invite you [...]


5 herbal remedies for intractable headaches

Stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, chaotic eating and cervical spondylosis are the main five “sources” of the headache that strikes at you from time to time. Strike back with five heavy – though apparently fragile – pieces in the arsenal of folk phytotherapy! 1. Chamomile – the mediaeval aspirin In ancient Greece chamomile flowers was a universal remedy, used to treat a great variety of diseases, inflammations of every description, and fever. At the dawn of the Middle Ages, another benefit [...]


How you detoxify yourself with brightly coloured foods

Every time you go the greengrocery store, a vast palette of colourful fruits and vegetables unfolds before your eyes. The rainbow you see is in fact made of antioxidants, substances that play an essential role in your diet, as they help to reduce the oxidative processes in your body – those processes that damage your cells and make you prematurely grow old. Therefore, I invite you to find out about the antioxidants found in each colour and to see [...]


How to understand disease so we can heal ourselves without medication

Disease was believed to be a form of punishment for committing a sin and could be prevented or cured by adopting a pious lifestyle or by fighting the demons inside through exorcism. Based on this religious dogma, dissection and examination of the human body were forbidden for many years. The acceptance of autopsy and the study of anatomy represented an important step that led to the first revolution in medicine. Blind demonism was abandoned in favour of a new [...]


Saffron, the red gold: color, savor and cure

Worshipped by ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Praised by the Bible in the “Canticle of Canticles”. Associated with wisdom and the path to Nirvana by Buddhist monks who, by tradition, wear robes in the deep color of saffron. Even Michelangelo used it to paint the Sistine Chapel. Saffron is a spice with a long and glorious history, a history we have come to maim today, by confining it to the… kitchen area. Our ancestors knew better: there is a lot [...]


6 natural tooth whitening methods

You know that smile you see in toothpaste ads. Well, this is something you do not get without investing time and money in more or less sophisticated dental procedures. However, is it advisable to get bright white teeth using methods which in the long run might affect your tooth enamel? If you are not really a fan of these procedures and you do not like the special gels available in drugstores, you may try nearby remedies and use natural [...]


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