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How to understand disease so we can heal ourselves without medication

Disease was believed to be a form of punishment for committing a sin and could be prevented or cured by adopting a pious lifestyle or by fighting the demons inside through exorcism. Based on this religious dogma, dissection and examination of the human body were forbidden for many years. The acceptance of autopsy and the study of anatomy represented an important step that led to the first revolution in medicine. Blind demonism was abandoned in favour of a new vision on the human body, an accurate understanding of how the organs of our body work and interact. Following this revolution, humoral pathology developed, along with classical homeopathy and Bach flower therapy. Nowadays, humoral pathology is one of the pillars of medicine. The human body is seen as a mere technical and biochemical system, and diseases are believed to result from technical failures, imbalances and blockages.

Optical microscopy opened the way to new breakthroughs

Things once hidden from the human eye became known. This enabled the advent of a Newtonian school of thought seeking the origin of disease in smaller and smaller units of matter. At the time, for instance, genes and cell mutations were responsible for disease. Contemporary oncology and immunology have developed in accordance with this line of thought.

German physician Ryke G. Hamer laid the foundations of the third revolution in medicine

This happened in 1981. It has been obvious, ever since, that we had had a wrong perception of disease. Therefore, an important change of paradigm is taking place and from now on, nothing is right or wrong, but efficient or inefficient in terms of natural balance. Doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer brought to light the existence of special biological programs that activate themselves when the human body is faced with a biological conflict: fear of death, unexpected loss of a family member or spouse, an emotional shock caused by bad news, cutting off of food supply, inability to satisfy our sexual needs, a serious accusation brought against us, suddenly losing our job etc.

This biological conflict triggers a particular program (linked to the specific functions of each organ) through which our body deals with the problem affecting us at the physiological level. These special programs are not our enemy, but our ally. Currently, however, classical medicine misunderstands the stages involved by biological conflicts (the active phase, the resolution and the complete healing) and addresses them in a manner that can only prevent their natural evolution. Caution: while the emotional conflict is being solved, our body, still in the resolution and healing stage, may continue to generate symptoms and therefore suffer.

Symptoms may occur even in the healing stage

The German physician gained his understanding of disease after having helped recover thousands of patients suffering from cancer (in advanced stages), although other doctors had told many of them they had only a few months to live. The symptoms that classical medicine treats are precisely the means by which the biological programs (whose purpose is to ensure survival and restore the system’s balance) cope with the conflict. What is more, the symptoms, although unpleasant, may occur just when the conflict has reached the healing stage.

The reason why sometimes our body fails to regain its balance by itself is that it lacks the energy resources, the proper rest and the psychological support it needs. For example, during the active phase of a biological conflict we may experience symptoms such as fever, lack of appetite, cold hands and an obsessive concern for the conflict situation, anorexia, insomnia, high levels of stress hormones and an intense metabolic activity. These symptoms are reactions intended to help us manage the problem. Lack of appetite, for instance, occurs to prevent us from overloading our digestive system while dealing with the problem, and to give us more energy to solve the conflict. If the situation lasts longer, the person will lose weight and the situation is likely to get worse. It takes rest (sleep), energy, and peace of mind to ensure further support to our body. In other words, the vital force must be stimulated and activated so that our body can regain its strength.

A question mark on the classical medical practice

Looking at the classic medical approach, is there any aspect of it to reflect the spirit of these new discoveries and insights on disease? As long as drugs typically aim at stopping the symptoms from manifesting, it is no wonder that the health of humankind is constantly deteriorating. We live in a society addicted to medication and we are increasingly weak and vulnerable to disease. We must not forget that each drug is a potential danger. There is a dramatically long list of drugs withdrawn from the market after having caused accidents. These accidents were shocking and the media impact was equally spectacular. The list of dangerous drugs that are still on the market is also huge. These drugs cause accidents in the medium and long term; consequently, since these effects are not known, nobody speaks about them. Mental disorders, kidney diseases, yeast infection, hepatitis, addictions, hormonal disorders, tumours, duodenal ulcers, brain damage, heart attacks, insomnia, gastrointestinal bleeding, allergies, cancer, death – these are the consequences of medication; consequences that are too little discussed, if ever.

A truly effective therapy…

… is based on our body’s natural ability to handle new situations is the one that stimulates the vital force and provides the conditions for fluctuations of the mind to disappear, sleep to come naturally and recovery to occur more easily. The intelligence governing us is omnipotent and its purpose is always the same: to sustain life and maintain the balance in our system. Therefore, we ought to have complete confidence in the force that breathes life into us and, when disease strikes, to seek the most natural ways to unlock our vital energy, so that it triggers, all by itself, the healing and regeneration processes.

While this is not an easy task, as long as allopathic doctors are the supreme authority and they prescribe vaccines, antibiotics and hundreds of drugs as the only possible solution to our health problems, people are becoming more and more interested in therapies that do not involve the worship of medication.

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