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Bio Synergy: the colloidal gold therapy for rejuvenation

Alchemists considered the Sun to be closely connected to gold and, according to certain ancient treatises, the Egyptians used to ingest pure gold in order to purify their bodies, minds and spirits. 5,000 years ago, the alchemists from Alexandria (Egypt) created an elixir made of liquid gold, whose presence in the human body was believed to rejuvenate and revitalize all organ functions.

In the 1990s, surgeons began implanting small pieces of gold near inflamed joints to reduce pain and heal inflammations. Moreover, in China it is still customary to put a golden coin in the pan when cooking rice, to help replenish the minerals in the body.

Myth or reality?

Michael Faraday was the first scientist to prepare pure colloidal gold. This happened in 1857. Colloidal gold has been recognized ever since for its power to heal certain heart lesions and improve blood circulation. In addition, colloidal gold helps increase mental acuity and IQ by an average of 20%.

As for the effects it produces on the state of mind, colloidal gold helps achieve deep relaxation, reduces stress, relaxes the entire body and stimulates its regeneration function.

A modern applicability of colloidal gold

Our research team has developed a technology intended to create a subtle resonance between the human body and the colloidal gold the device is based upon. Using the Bio Synergy device on a regular basis (in daily sessions of at least 30 minutes) will rejuvenate and increase the vital force, bringing rest to those who are mentally and physically exhausted. The Bio Synergy therapy ranks among the most efficient ways to naturally increase the gold concentration in the human body.

This bio-energetic battery is equipped with two bracelets (one of which will be attached to the wrist and the other one to the ankle) that help amplify the energetic vibrations in the user’s body.

The energetic vibrations of colloidal gold

An important aspect is that Bio Synergy does not require an external source (mains power or batteries) to activate itself. The energetic vibrations of the colloidal gold it contains are conveyed through the resonance phenomenon that takes place inside the body and acts deeply on the DNA, restoring its structure and stimulating it to work at its best. This is probably the shortest and most natural route to health and beauty in every possible sense.

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