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The mysteries of sleep

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Way too much – according to hyperactive people –, we could do so many things during this time! That is right! We could work harder, we could have more fun, we could learn so much more. We have so many things to handle, yet we waste 30% of our time on earth sleeping! Well, that may hold true for our bodies, but certainly not for our brains! When we sleep, our neurons [...]


10 reasons to wake up early and enjoy life more

I have never been an early riser. Not long ago, however, some tiny wheel in my sleep mechanism must have gone haywire, because I have started to wake up at the peep of dawn every morning. The clock strikes 5, but the sun knows better: it is 4 o’clock a.m. (The sun will not buy the daylight saving time story.) What is going on here? This is not a decent time to wake up! If I were a farmer [...]


Sleep paralysis, between scientific explanations and paranormal beliefs

“I am fully awake, I know I’m not sleeping and yet I am completely unable to move. My arms and legs feel like lead, I keep commanding them to start moving, but they will not obey me and this sense of helplessness scares me to death! What disease is this? Am I possessed or what? Not at all, sleep experts reassure us: it is neither an actual disease, nor a demonic attack or an alien intrusion, as has been claimed [...]