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10 reasons to wake up early and enjoy life more

I have never been an early riser. Not long ago, however, some tiny wheel in my sleep mechanism must have gone haywire, because I have started to wake up at the peep of dawn every morning. The clock strikes 5, but the sun knows better: it is 4 o’clock a.m. (The sun will not buy the daylight saving time story.) What is going on here? This is not a decent time to wake up! If I were a farmer and I had a crop waiting to be harvested or a vine waiting to be tied in, I would see no problem, but since I am not… does it make any sense to be up with the lark?! It does, actually! It makes more sense than you might think. A sense I have become aware of as I gradually let go of edginess and allowed it to reveal itself. It is an experience so worthwhile that you should go ahead and try it too! I will tell you why:

1. To admire the beauty of nature

You open the windows wide. You look into the distance. The rest of the world is still asleep. This moment of absolute silence is entirely yours. You are alone with the clear air, alone with the linden tree under your window, alone with the children’s playground, dozing with its empty swings. You go out for a jog and you are alone with the magnificently painted sky. All this is vital energy in its purest form!

2. To order your thoughts

Since you are all by yourself, talk to your thoughts. Ask them questions, answer them, and organize them. Those who will wake up only in an hour or two will not have time for this calm and serene connection with themselves. As you will see, you make the best decisions in the morning, when your brain works at its best.

3. To find out the purpose of the day about to begin

Do you find it difficult to get yourself going as soon as you get out of bed? Imagine how difficult it would be if you had to start running! On the other hand, if you wake up early, you can afford the luxury of spending a few minutes in an armchair with a cup of coffee alongside, a piece of paper in front of you and a pen in your hand, ready to write down the answer to the key-question: “What motivates me today?”. The morning magic works for you.

4. To find the time for what you really like

Until now, you never had the time to say your morning prayers in peace and quiet; to listen to your favourite music while doing a few sit-ups or riding your exercise bicycle; to choose the accessories that perfectly match your outfit; to read a few pages from the book that almost lost its patience on the nightstand. Never found the time to have a hearty breakfast and then take your dog out for a walk – at a relaxed pace, not on the run, and allow it to frolic for 10 or 15 minutes in the dog park. It makes all the difference in the world! You were always doing all these things against the clock. Well, ever since you started to rise with the sun, you have had the time for so many allegedly small things, which, in fact, are vital for your personal satisfaction!

5. To perform at your peak

A study conducted at a Texan university showed that students who woke up early got higher grades in their exams than those who stayed up late and caught up on lost sleep in the morning. The brain cells of the former were wide-awake, while the latter’s were drowsy. Can you honestly say this does not hold true for you? You can, actually, but you will only fool yourself.

6. To fill yourself with positive energy

Stop grumbling about having to give up an extra hour of sleep! Instead, tell yourself that this is the most beautiful hour of the day. Exchange courtesies with the dawn, prepare and enjoy the most flavoured cup of coffee, take the jar of rose petal jam from grandma’s pantry and let yourself taste the moment.

7. To meditate

OK, now that you have put your thoughts in order and you have found out what motivates you today, it is time to clear your mind. Sit on a large pillow, keep your back straight and breathe deeply. Feel your body resting firmly on the pillow and connect to the sensations that spread throughout your body. To meditate means to observe deliberately what is going on inside you in the present moment. Are thoughts overwhelming you, are you unable to chase them? Do not panic! At the beginning, this is normal. Let them go by and observe them as if they were clouds drifting in the sky. Stay calm and enjoy the moment!

8. To plan your moments of relaxation

Well, you have charged your batteries, but you are going to need another two or three recharging sessions during the day. Choose three moments, depending on your schedule for the day, to disconnect from everything; and to do something that makes you feel relaxed and raises your spirits. For instance, you could get out of the office, at a certain point in time, for a slow-paced walk. Make sure, however, that you will not take that walk along the corridors of the office building, but outside, in the fresh air! Later, you can plan to have a chat with the workmates you like most while enjoying a cup of coffee (without smoking, of course). Finally, on your way home, you can get off the bus two stops ahead of your destination and continue your way on foot; this will help you leave the work problems behind you. I am only giving you an example, you can adjust it according to own your taste and possibilities.

9. To say “I love you” to those who love you

Morning is also the best moment to open your heart. Take advantage of the lead you have gained by waking up before everyone else in the house, and leave sticky notes with the message “I love you” (signed, of course: “mom”, “dad”, “your son”, as the case may be) on the refrigerator door, the bathroom mirror or in everyone’s bags.

10. To live your life to the fullest

Life is too short to waste even one single moment of it! You have heard this so many times and you could not agree more. If so, stop crying for the minutes and hours taken away from you when you sleep more than your body really needs. Wake up early and live your life “burning” intensely every single moment!

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