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4 secrets to a refreshed mind at any age

Maybe you have met people who, even in old age, never cease to amaze you with a youthful mind and an attitude and with an extraordinary passion for life. They recount things that happened many years ago as effortlessly and coherently as they talk about daily events. They give you life advice, they tell you the whole story as if it had happened yesterday, they display a contagious enthusiasm that makes you wonder how it is possible for that person to have such a clear and youthful mind.

The truth is longevity is not so much about living long as it is about staying healthy and looking good for as long as possible. You would certainly like to enjoy a perfect health and a clear mind even in your eighties, unimpaired by any physical or mental disability caused by a potential stroke whose effects would hit hard not only on you, but also on the people you care about.

Factors that contribute or even lead to neurologic diseases
The pressure today’s society puts on us, the daily concerns, the emotional shocks and stress are major risks directly associated with neurological diseases.

According to Mr. Dafin Mureşan, President of the Romanian Society of Neurology, the factors that leading to an increasingly large number of people suffering from neurological diseases are:

  • stress;
  • insomnia, fatigue;
  • unhealthy diets, rich in calories but low on the vitamins and minerals that nourish our memory, our mind and our entire body;
  • exposure to the harmful electromagnetic radiations surrounding us.

How can you protect yourself and maintain a young and healthy mind?

Fortunately, your brain and mind have an impressive ability to maintain their functions even under difficult circumstances. You should know, however, that constant exposure to harmful conditions weakens the body’s ability to adjust and function normally. It is a well-known fact that stress, fatigue and worries lead to mental, energetic and emotional imbalances, and that your mind works much better when it is rested. In the following lines you will find four of the handiest solutions for a regenerated mind and a balanced system, which you may resort to starting today:

1. Take up healthy habits

– Brisk walking for 45 minutes a day, at least three days a week, improves significantly your intellectual performance and your ability to concentrate.
– You can read books instead of watching TV. When you read, you create mental images, which are a good way of exercising your brain and imagination.
– Eating nuts, seeds, apples, avocado, Omega 3-rich fish, you supply your body with large amounts of antioxidants and nutrients which protect your heart and brain cells.
– Keep your brain hydrated. Research has proved that children who drink more water show a greater ability to complete mental tasks.
– Studies have shown that friendly relationships have a beneficial effect on health, increase life expectancy, help us grow emotionally and protect us from depression. Build healthy and happy friendships, which will help you keep mental imbalances at bay.

2. Spend more time outdoors

You have probably felt the beneficial effects of walking in the mountains or spending time in resorts. To function properly, your brain needs a good supply of oxygen. Besides, nature provides a “shield” that fills you with energy, frees your mind of negative thoughts and gives you a restful sleep and an inner peace hardly experienced in the hustle and bustle of the cities.

3. Reduce stress by 70-80%

In addition to the stress caused by thoughts, worries and problems awaiting solutions, your mind is disturbed by a multitude of external factors every day. The rush of the city, the noisy and confusing atmosphere in supermarkets, the countless audiovisual advertisements, all of this bears on your day-to-day mental state and uses up your energy.

While the stress of life’s daily challenges can be reduced through meditation, yoga, exercise or positive statements, the stress affecting your body can be forced back only by regularly retreating to nature, away from the cities, or by using devices especially designed to stimulate your body to ignore the disturbing elements from the environment.

4. Protect yourself against electromagnetic radiations

More and more researchers sound the alarm about the multitude of harmful sources of electromagnetic radiation that people are exposed to nowadays.

Whether we are at home, sleeping, at the office, or even out, in the open air, electromagnetic waves are everywhere. The electrical wires inside the walls of our houses, the radiations emitted by household appliances, the wireless systems, the radio and GSM antennas set up on the roofs of buildings and blocks of flats, the overhead network of power lines supplying energy to trams or trolleybuses, the cell phone radiations emitted especially when we use them, and a lot more – they are all part of our lives, yet, at the cellular level, our body has not adjusted to these radiations and comes to harm because of them.

It is impossible to completely avoid the electromagnetic waves, the traffic stress, the pressure at work, the financial worries, the commotion of the city or the emotional problems, but fortunately there are people who concern themselves about finding ways to improve the quality of life and create a mental and emotional comfort able to support the health of the entire body.

What other options do you have to keep your body healthy?

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