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6 mental reprogramming techniques to change your life

You know the feeling that you get when everything seems to slip through your fingers, when you are under the impression that you are on the wrong track, or even worse, in a stalemate. You have experienced it many times. And the more often you get this feeling, the clearer a conclusion starts to take shape: you must change your life, take your destiny into your own hands. Yes, but how?

“The feeling that you are going astray is a clear indication that you have reached the end of a cycle and you need to adopt a new perspective”, explains Christine Marsan, psychosociologist, coach and author of the challenging book “Dare to Change Your Life”. We all have the power to change for the better. The good news is that it all depends on us; no one else will do it for us. OK, theory accepted. But how do we put it into practice?

1. Dismiss negative ideas

“It is not the events that prevent us from fulfilling ourselves, but the negative representations of them”, Christine Marsan points out. For instance: “This meeting will go wrong and my projects will be rejected”, “My partner will fail to remember our anniversary again”, “I don’t come up to people’s expectations, I don’t deserve to be loved/respected etc.”. By allowing yourself to sink into fear and negativity you only make the problem worse.

Solution: Write down the negative thoughts that come to your mind. Behind them there are fears, which are nothing but obstacles to change. Bringing them to light is the first step in reprogramming your mind from negative to positive thinking.

2. Make up your mind and “cross the river”

Deciding to take your life in your own hands means being prepared to deal with a disrupted balance: by giving up on the old habits, you make room for new opportunities. Christine Marsan emphasizes how important it is to feel the turmoil, i.e. the negative beliefs underlying your decision, and to process them in your inner lab until they are fully refined and have turned into positivity.

Solution: Cross the river. It will take courage, determination and confidence that the discomfort you are feeling now will not last long. But you can’t avoid it. The sooner you plunge into tempestuous, balance-breaking situations, the faster you will cross the riverbed and get to dry land. You must commit all your energy to crossing the river from bank to bank.

3. Set yourself on the positive mode

The fundamental is simple: we attract into our life what we give to the world. The universal law of attraction. The creation of the vicious circle. By placing yourself on positive ground you establish contact with the opportunity to fulfill your dream.
Solution: Think positive. Visualize yourself in three scenes where you take delight in your new situation. Make positive statements about them. Focus on the abilities or the positive, beneficial memories taking shape in your consciousness.

4. Write down your skills

Make a list of your skills (things you are very good at) and a list of successes (things you have accomplished so far). It will come in very handy whenever you tend to underestimate yourself.

Solution: Keep a diary of your skills. Write down the good things you do or the successes you achieve every day, and annotate them with words of encouragement and impressions gathered from other people. This will help you build your self-confidence and decide that, indeed, it is high time you took your life in your own hands.

5. Practice energetic anchoring

Amidst the turmoil of life, you often come across obstacles that may hold you from bringing your projects to a successful conclusion. Energetic practices are very efficient in mental reprogramming.

Solution: Use an anchoring technique. Do the following exercise every morning: close your eyes and concentrate on your soles. Feel them grow roots that go deep into the ground. Feel yourself become rooted like an ancient tree. Then, breathing deeply, let the energy of the earth climb up your roots, filling you with vitality and self-confidence. Let it spread all over your body, from toe to head. Let the image of this gradual process ascend inside you. Enjoy the moment.

6. Follow your intuition

The key to success is to know how to listen to your own intuition. For intuition is the “regulator” of your inner state. It shows you the way when you decide to take your life in your own hands. How is that? “Intuition knows, before reason does, what is good for you and what you would rather avoid”, Christine Marsan answers.

Solution: Collect all the information that intuition sends you. Intuition is that kind of resonance with life that enables us to identify the right moment for each decision.
“Take the time for silence and introspection, allow them space to express themselves, and write down what you hear” – psychosociologist Christine Marsan advises us.

And lie in wait all through the day: you will surely intercept wavelength synchronizations that will outline the path you should follow. Bon voyage!

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