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The road to success is paved with failures

I am a perfectionist. As a result, whenever I fail, everything around me seems to fall apart. This is why I have been putting my body through a lot of unnecessary stress for many years, and have become vulnerable to disease. Since I could not go on like this, I started to seek help. At the beginning, I used to browse the internet for information; then I began accessing specialized websites. There is plenty of information available – quality...

The power our thoughts have upon us

Thought is the key we use to create our own reality. Everything we perceive in the physical world stems from the mental plane, in other words from within ourselves, from our thoughts and our beliefs. This is why every thought you really believe in and every deep emotion you constantly feed will change your reality into what you want it to be. Thoughts can heal Science has already proved that thoughts can heal. Mind healing techniques are based on a holistic...