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The power our thoughts have upon us

Thought is the key we use to create our own reality. Everything we perceive in the physical world stems from the mental plane, in other words from within ourselves, from our thoughts and our beliefs. This is why every thought you really believe in and every deep emotion you constantly feed will change your reality into what you want it to be.

Thoughts can heal

Science has already proved that thoughts can heal. Mind healing techniques are based on a holistic view on the human being and the universe. Our world and every creature living in the universe have their own energetic system, influenced by a universal creative power, a universal consciousness. When we feel good, when we feel healthy, when no discomfort bothers us, our energetic system is balanced. Disease itself is rather a disturbance affecting our energetic system than a failure of a particular biochemical system. Energetic imbalance can manifest as either lack of energy, or too much energy at certain levels. Using our thought power, we can activate and harmonize this energy flow.

Moreover, mind healing methods can be used either as a complement to other types of therapy, or by themselves, for almost any disease or health condition. In addition, when you use your mind power, you need no diagnosis or medical history. Your thought simply does the job, alone and single-handed. What is more interesting is that you can practice self-healing any time and under any circumstances. All you have to do is to think that you want, you can and you will get over the unfortunate situation you experience.

Look out for negative thoughts!

Yet, as Sergey Lazarev argues in his series of books “Diagnostics of Karma”, thought power has its less pleasant side as well. Just as we can find our peace and attract good things into our lives through the energetic force of our thoughts, we can attract evil, too.

“It is thought that brings peace and tranquillity to our souls. Thought attracts the good or the evil into our existence. All thoughts we ever send out float in the air like explosive mines, threatening to blow up in the face of the person who produced them.”(Sergey Lazarev).

Be careful what you think about others or what you wish them. Negative thinking will hurt your body. This is why you should not take everything “to heart” or foster dark thoughts. What you think can turn against yourself, as Sergey Lazarev points out.

“A negative way of thinking or a negative action will hurt thousands of beings. Which is why there is a law of nature and also a law of science according to which when we harm others, we harm ourselves”.

By the power of your thought, you are able to forgive. Forgive your enemies and never entertain evil thoughts about them. When you express peaceful feelings and thoughts, you actually protect yourself from all negative energies.

Give love and you will receive love! All your good thoughts will be returned to you a hundredfold. There is a principle, called the law of the boomerang, which goes like this: what you send out will come back to you. Therefore, it is better to think positively and get good things in return, than the other way round, as Lazarev says:

“According to the law of the boomerang effect, everything we emit into the atmosphere in terms of vibration – thoughts, words, wishes, actions feelings, etc. – comes back to us and disturbs our energy field. No man can harm another without paying for it. Which is why, when you have negative thoughts about somebody, you should constantly pray for that person’s health.”

Do not criticize

Criticism and negative thoughts are like daggers thrust at the hearts of the people you criticise. The negative thoughts will torment them and they will make wrong decisions that may redound on you and the people close to you.

Never expect the worst! The mere thought that, at a certain point in time, something bad might happen to you can attract misfortune into your life.

“If you believe that you will fall ill, you are very likely to fall ill. If you believe that someone will come and insult you, it will actually happen”, Lazarev claims.

Gossip can seriously damage our health! That is in addition to filling our souls with malice and making us spread it around and hurt other people. Here is what Lazarev has to say about it: “Gossip and slander are immensely hurtful. We have the power to affect others’ lives with our minds. Whether our influence is beneficial or baleful, it is up to us. Gossip shortens our lives, it destroys us, physically and spiritually, it affects our longevity. We are on our way to an early grave because we constantly destroy ourselves. We continually ruin our bodies and our souls”.

With its exceptional power, thought can attract positive energies as well as it can attract negative energies. It all depends on you: it depends on what you want to be and to do and, especially, on what you want to receive. A good thought for a fellow creature will pay off when you least expect it. Conversely, an evil thought will turn against you and you will not be able to tell why and how it happened.

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