Key Benefits of the 7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency

Key Benefits of the 7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency

As people find themselves getting sicker and sicker from modern foods, pollution, and dangerous medications, they are looking for alternatives that will give them relief. Not surprisingly, people are becoming more skeptical of EMF and other harmful radiations that seem to be increasing at an exponential rate. If you are concerned about electronic smog and the impact on your health, it is time to find out about some things that being shielded by the Schumann Frequency can do to alleviate problems caused by exposure to manmade EMF.

Increased Energy Levels

Have you ever noticed that you feel energized when you walk through a park or spend time in some other natural setting? No matter how excited you may be by receiving an important email, or listening to the radio, at a subtle level, you are bound to feel more tired. While you may not realize it, the difference in these two activities revolves around your exposure to EMF.

When you are in a natural setting, you have less exposure to this harmful radiation and increased exposure to the Earth’s natural Schumann Resonance. On the other hand, no matter whether you have a digital alarm clock, cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices, it constantly emits man-made electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt important bodily functions. This, in turn, leads to exhaustion no matter how positive or rewarding other aspects of using EMF generating devices may be. Fortunately, when you use a Schumann Resonance generator, it will build a shield of healthy frequencies around you that will block the harmful EMF radiations, and give you a chance to naturally recover your energy levels.

Improved Stamina

If you think of stamina as being like a rechargeable battery, then you will also realize it is closely tied to energy levels. When you feel tired, you are also going to feel weaker. Since the Schumann Resonance gives you a rest from EMFs that are too fast or too slow, they will also serve to improve your stamina levels. Consider that when you have to do just three things instead of trying to complete five, you will naturally be able to put more energy into a smaller number of tasks. Once your body is free of the burden created by man-made EMF, you will find yourself feeling much stronger instead of constantly feeling like a battery being drained out.

Recover from Illnesses Faster

From cancer to the common cold, stress, exhaustion, and lack of good quality sleep can all increase your risk of getting sick, and slow down your recovery at the same time. Unfortunately, dozens of studies reveal that exposure to man-made EMF undermine your body so that you are constantly tired, stressed, and unable to sleep properly. Since the Schumann Resonance can act to block exposure to man-made EMF, it offers a perfect solution to your concerns about increased risk of illness. In fact, people that have used Schumann Resonance generators quickly find:

– a significant reduction in headaches
– less bouts of nausea and other gastric complaints that tend to crop up with exhaustion and increased stress levels
– fewer colds and flu, as well as faster recovery
– malignancies and other abnormal growths slow down or stop altogether.
– heart disease, allergies, and other illnesses either reduce or reverse completely
– lower risk of accidents caused by exhaustion, which leads to a reduction in injuries
– reduction in stress and exhaustion-induced risky behaviors which leads to improvement in overall wellness. It is even possible for a Schumann Resonance generator to help with getting rid of bad habits, especially if stress and tiredness are an underlying cause of these behaviors.

What About the Hidden Impact on Biophotons?

Did you know that research in the last few years indicates neurons can transport photons as well as electricity? Increasingly, researchers are also looking to biophotons as a possible means of communication between neurons as well as within cells.

Up until now, most discussions on man-made EMF and its impact on the body have dealt with the tangibles of electrons and corresponding magnetic fields. When it comes to biophotons, there is no escaping discussions that enter into quantum mechanics. For the sake of simplicity while researchers move towards (hopefully) more concrete answers, let us use the following framework for discussions on the impact of EMF on biophotons:

Quantum mechanics equations suggest that a particle can exist in one place, no place, or an endless number of places all at the same time.
Where, when, and how a particle actually becomes detectable isn’t a matter of direct or even linear relationships. Rather, the position of the particle is based on statistical probabilities.

Statistical probabilities are not measurements based on just one particle or one instance of an event. Rather, they are a summarization of a sample set of particles or outcomes that suggests detectable patterns for larger populations of particles and events. For example, just because one number comes up as the winner in a lottery game, that doesn’t mean there is a statistical increase in the likelihood that it will come up again. In fact, based on the law of averages, if you conduct enough trials, all the numbers in the lottery pool will come up the same number of times. On the other hand, after this number coming up so many times that it is statistically relevant in a sufficiently large number of trials, it can be said that the statistical probability has shifted in a particular direction that impacts both the number itself and every other number in the sample set. Furthermore, this statistical trend will apply to future draws provided the same numbers are being used within the same system.

Every Other Process in Our Body Relies on Electrons

Insofar as the impact on of man-made EMF on biophoton transfers within the body, it is important to note that photons can knock electrons out of their intended path. On the other hand, electromagnetic fields can also alter the path and speed of photons. You have only to look at the difference between shades of red and the rest of a rainbow to see just how even a slight change in speed of a photon can affect the outcome!

Logically speaking, every other process in our body relies on electrons, chemicals, and, in this case, we can say photons, arriving in optimal amounts or levels. When those levels are too low or too high, they do damage. Consider that it takes a certain amount of insulin to process a specific quantity of glucose (the “fuel” for your cells). Even if you are not diabetic, consuming too much carbohydrate (different kinds such as starch are broken down into glucose) will put an excessive burden on your body. If you do not consume enough carbohydrate, your body will not have enough fuel to carry out basic life functions; which will also do harm to your body.

In a purely linear perspective, when photons are reduced in speed, or sped up by invasive man-made EMF, there is a chance it also acts as a disruptor for key communication signals in the brain and elsewhere in the body. Since photons are also a key element of the quantum mechanical world, it stands to reason disrupting their activities also has far broader implications at the statistical level. Perhaps it can even be said that the accrued damage that researchers have such a hard time agreeing on when it comes to man-made EMF is the result of these statistical and quantum interactions as much as they are the more linear and observable ones.

Restoring Key Capacities for Your Body to Optimize its Use of Biophotons

Regardless of how man-made EMF fields impact biophotons, the fact remains our bodies, and those of our ancestors have been surrounded by a different, natural Schumann frequency for billions of years. As such, the biophotons that move through our cellular structure are transported in a way that already optimally aligns with the Schumann Resonance. While researchers have not yet touched this subject, it is entirely possible that using a Schumann Resonance Generator may also restore key capacities for your body to optimize its use of biophotons.

Chances are you know that modern researchers fiercely deny the existence of auras, psychic intuition, and energy based healing systems. At the same time, there is some emerging research that indicates people who meditate actually emit fewer biophotons. Other studies indicate that people who meditate are less violent or inclined towards hostility. Since people that meditate experience improvement and increased capacity to maintain good health, isn’t it possible that the opposite effects of EMF may cause biophotons to be altered from an optimal path, or ejected from the body? From there, isn’t is also possible that this is yet another hidden, but the undeniably dangerous impact of man-made EMF that may even be creating the massive patterns of violence and hostility that are escalating on the global scene?

Generating a Healthy Field Around Your Body and Home

In the modern world, we are often taught that only things that are replaced on a routine basis can help us achieve better health or maintain wellness. The Schumann Resonance already exists in our environment and has proven beneficial for maintaining health and wellness. Even though the Schumann Frequency is constantly being blocked out by harmful man-made EMF from all the devices we have come to rely on, it is possible to generate a field around your home and body with very little effort. Perhaps best of all, Schumann Frequency Generators such as Vital Protect and Vital Protect Home last for months to years without needing to be replaced. Why not give one or both a try today?

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