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Can Electromagnetic Radiation Rob You Of the Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep?

Author: Belinda Hawthorne

Do you want to sleep more deeply? If you usually wake up as tired, or perhaps even more tired than when you went to bed, you may think that you need to sleep deeper than you are now. As you may be aware, the oscillation of your brainwaves determines your state of consciousness as well as how deeply you sleep. In particular, if your brainwaves do not slow down to the theta and delta levels and stay in those levels for long enough, you will not be sleeping properly. Read on to find out how this one factor alone points to the fact that electromagnetic radiation can disrupt your sleep time and beyond.

What Happens to Your Body, Mind, and Emotions When You Can’t Sleep Right?

Consider a situation where you stayed up several hours past your normal bedtime because you had to study for an exam, or friends came over and you were too busy partying. Regardless of the reason why you lost out on several hours of sleep, the results will be the same:

  • When it is time to wake up, you may feel fuzzy minded and like you can’t possibly move out of bed.
  • Instead of wanting to get up and starting your day, you will just want to go back to sleep, but may not be able to.
  • As you go through the rest of your day, you may feel cranky, irritable, and like things around you are happening too fast.
  • You may fall asleep at inappropriate moments, including when you are driving or operating dangerous machinery.
  • Physically, you will feel weaker, less coordinated, and be more aware of pain or discomfort
  • You may have bags under your eyes, your skin will be pale, and even your hair may look a bit dull or not as healthy as usual.

Contrary to what many wish, losing just a few hours of sleep, or having problems sleeping won’t be reversed if you manage to catch a nap during the day. It can take days for you to feel better, and even more for your body to recover from the damage of losing out on quality sleep. This is just one of many reasons why protecting good quality sleep is as important as ensuring your sleep cycle remains as uninterrupted as possible. Sadly, unless you find some way to counteract all the electromagnetic smog in your home and environment, a good night’s sleep may not be possible.

Some Ways Electromagnetic Radiation May be Disrupting Your Sleep

At their simplest, electromagnetic radiations are defined based on the speed and size of oscillation. Visually, these oscillations are seen as wavy lines that have peaks (crests) and valleys (troughs). These crests and troughs can be arranged closer together or further apart (frequency). If the waves are closer together, then the wave is moving faster when compared to patterns where they are spaced further apart over the same period of time. They may also have a greater degree of difference between the highest point on the crest and the lowest point in the trough. Amplitude is measured by taking the central or neutral point between the crest and trough, and then measuring up or down from there.

Sleep states are based, in part, on the electromagnetic frequency (or oscillatory electrical pattern) of the brain. Modern electromagnetic radiation has frequencies and amplitudes that are faster than brain waves. Since your skull cannot stop electromagnetic radiation from passing through, it should come as no surprise that electromagnetic radiation can disrupt these waves and cause you to lose out on quality sleep. In fact, when you are bombarded all day long by electromagnetic radiation, it does nothing but harm to your body as it tries to shift back to an optimal level.

This may well include trying to stabilize the electromagnetic rhythm of your heart. There may also be other organs that modern researchers haven’t explored, or assessed as negligible sources of bodily electromagnetic radiation emissions, thus missing out on critical implications. Unfortunately, external electromagnetic radiation at the frequency and amplitude emitted by modern devices can easily lead to an increased risk for disease and injury as your body and mind seek to compensate for lack of quality sleep.

Higher risk of developing cancer or diabetes

If our bodies relied solely on the electromagnetic radiation produced by the brain to govern sleep and wake, we would be a in a great deal of trouble. Our bodies have a second, hormone based system that governs sleep and wake states as well as ensure that certain functions are carried out at optimal times during these states of consciousness. Did you know that you run a higher risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and other diseases if this hormone based system gets disrupted?

As you may be aware, the primary hormone that governs waking and sleep states is Melatonin. This hormone also governs many cellular processes that restore and revitalize your body. Since melatonin levels rise and fall with exposure to light, it stands to reason that anything disrupting your sleep is likely to cause you to turn on the lights, turn on the smart phone/tablet and read awhile, or look at a clock. All of these actions will cause melatonin levels to change to a point where your body stops doing repair work and starts preparing to tend active daily functions.

Melatonin is produced by the Pituitary gland, which is buried deep in the brain. This tiny gland is also heavily influenced by electromagnetic radiation. In the case of melatonin, it inhibits production of this vital hormone. To add insult to injury, electromagnetic radiation makes our cells more resistant to melatonin. This in turn leads to two problems:

  • First, over the years, researchers have looked into the fact that healthy tissue cells live in a well organized matrix, and they also communicate with each other so that the matrix is not broken or ruined. By contrast, malignant cells do not grow in an organized pattern and also do not communicate with surrounding cells. Interesting enough, melatonin also plays a role in the regulation of cell to cell signaling.
  • Second, for some time now, researchers have known that melatonin is an antioxidant that helps stop the triggers that lead to cell death, or apoptosis. When melatonin enters a cell and absorbs free radicals, these ions are unable to trigger other molecules that are involved in apoptosis. This, in turn, means that non-cancerous cells will not be turned malignant by the oxidants; which ultimately leads to cancer prevention and tumor suppression (because there are more healthy cells present to compete for resources). This all works well enough until you introduce electromagnetic radiation, which makes cells more resistant to melatonin. Consider that your body is made up of trillions of cells that may or may not need repair during the regular sleep cycle. When electromagnetic radiation interferes with melatonin production and functioning, unhealthy cells can develop and proliferate more easily.

Current Research on How Electromagnetic Radiation Impacts Sleep

It is fair to say that sometimes scientific researchers can see something, and still say it doesn’t exist. In this case, there is considerable controversy over whether or not electromagnetic radiation from modern electrical devices has an impact on health and sleep. While the World Health Organzation’s EMF Project site claims there is no evidence of adverse impact on human health from electromagnetic radiation, they also admit there are gaps in current knowledge. In addition, other researchers have found a very clear impact on sleep cycles via the suppression of melatonin production. Given the size of the commercial electricity, broadcasting, cell phone, and related industries, it is possible this “gap” will never be filled, or may even be filled with fudged data that supports these multi-billion dollar industries. And speaking of fudged data, have you noticed the endless number of scandals related to scientific researchers that fudged data in order to reach conclusions that support the viewpoints of the sponsors of their research?

Main Sources of Radiation

If you don’t feel like waiting around for modern researchers to “prove” electromagnetic radiation may be disrupting your sleep, it may be of some help to start off by finding out the ten most common sources of exposure to this toxic energy form. Here are some sources you are most likely to have in your environment:

  • home appliances such as electric blankets, air conditioners, and electric heaters
  • any device with an LCD display such as alarm clocks, computers, cell phones, and radios
  • WIFI routers
  • any device that uses a power supply or an AC to DC converter
  • Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs)
  • Smart House and Smart Metering devices
  • EMF from neighbors devices
  • Power lines

Vital Protect: An Energy Shield for Your Body and Home

You also don’t have to wait for modern researchers to come up with a device or pill to counteract toxic electromagnetic radiation. That’s because the AIM Group has already created an attractive, battery free device that produces the same Schumann Resonance that is emitted by the Earth. Since this radiation has been a steady factor for millions of years, your body is already attuned to it and comfortable. Interestingly enough, when you are surrounded by the Schumann Resonance, toxic radiation from modern devices cannot reach you. Vital Protect will make it possible for your to heal, feel better, and get a good night’s sleep.

As you can see, electromagnetic radiation from modern devices is everywhere. If you use a meter to find out exactly how much radiation you are exposed to all day long, you may be truly amazed at the amount. Needless to say, if you are having problems sleeping, experience frequent headaches, or want to reduce the risk of developing serious diseases, it may be time to consider buying a device that shields you from man-made electromagnetic radiation.

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