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8 Signs of spiritual awakening

If you didn’t know it already, it would be the last thing to cross your mind: that these states of mind, emotions and events that have been engulfing you for some time now are clear indications that you are in the middle of a process of spiritual elevation. You would have found any other explanation for them, except for THIS ONE. But now YOU KNOW.

1. You are overwhelmed by sadness

More often than not, the awakening of consciousness, as part of the spiritual awakening, goes along with … depression. Why is that? Because it is too difficult to feel joy amidst a suffering world. Therefore, your reaction is perfectly normal. It is the living proof of your increased ability to feel compassion. All you can do is embrace your emotions as they are, without judging them or identifying yourself with them. Seeing the world as it is, as you know it – this is the only path towards reaching your goal: to become a more responsible, a more aware person.

2. You’re leaving some friends behind

Oftentimes, spiritual awakening comes after a shock, it is the aftermath of a traumatic event. You find yourself pushed to a higher level, while the others remain on the “ground floor”. Accordingly, you are no longer on the same wavelength with your companions. You shouldn’t blame yourself if, out of the blue, the most charming of your friends seem to you completely uninteresting. The distance that sets you apart is due to the fact that you have come to vibrate, in every sense,at different levels. Therefore, you are now interested in different things and different topics which, unquestionably, make you seem crazy to them. Just as you would see yourself too, if you were still lending your ear to their gossip and lamentations.

Anyway… We can’t change people and we certainly shouldn’t try to. Just be yourself and leave it to the Universe to connect you to other people, people who vibrate on the same wavelength with you.

3. You quit your job. And you feel elated by it!

When we experience a change of perspective, the things that used to work before are off the map now. The work we’ve been doing for years just doesn’t suit us anymore. The breakup decision may be yours or your employer’s, who all of a sudden finds you less capable. Do not panic! Although you may be confused at first, you have to strongly believe that nothing is at random. Life is too short for you to spend it doing something that does not give you a sense of accomplishment. Admit it: there is something bigger than that, something that goes beyond you, and this “something” makes things happen for you when you yourself refuse to get them going. No matter what, the Universe always holds for you something better than what you leave behind.

4. You get your family worried

When you first start talking to your family about harmonizing energies, karma, yoga and meditation, they get a little bit scared. And it’s only natural. You can’t prevent people who are still mentally attached to the preconceptions that are running their lives from deciding what is right and what is wrong for you. Or from sharing with you their concern about your person. Especially when they care for you (hence the interest in what you do). Be aware of the implications of what you say to them and be patient. For the day will come when the people you love will realize that YOU ARE OK just as you are now.

5. You’re in a conflicting relationship with … morpheus

Working on yourself is a 24-hour job. You cannot afford to waste any more time, there’s too much work to do. So you wake up earlier and earlier every day: 5.30 a.m., 4 a.m., 3 a.m…. And your sleeping hours are often disturbed by intense dreams, anxieties, conflicting situations, tensions… Troubled sleep is normal when you put your mind and spirit through so many changes! The energies of the past are now dissolving. Let them go…

6. You set off crises all around you

During the process of spiritual awakening, relationships change, and so does the manner of speaking. As you dive deeper and deeper into the sea of Truth, the message you a re trying to impart may baffle some people. Quite often, during a weekend with your friends, on a vacation with your family or simply one evening, among strangers, you inadvertently spark off a payback or exchange words that may be just a little bit too passionate. If this happens… stay out of it! If you interfere, you will only add fuel to the fire. Let the others say what they have to say. And, once more, don’t blame yourself. You are not responsible for the emotions you trigger around you, they were already there, only dormant…

7. You are an object of ridicule

The members of our society waste their time branding individuals who don’t fit an image that was established centuries ago. When you talk about the pleasure of meditation, at least at the beginning, you might find yourself scoffed at by people most close to you. But you will soon understand that being considered ridiculous in a meaningless world is yet another proof that you are on the right track. Stay true to who you are! After a while their reactions will get to you less and less. When you feel good about yourself, as different as others may see you, you unconsciously convey them your peace of mind. And they stop taunting you. Or, if they don’t, you will no longer feel the need to explain yourself, for at the end of the day the laughing stock is the one who looks into your eyes and makes fun of you. Not you.

8. You are on a constant search for solitude

When you change your lifestyle, solitude is something you can not avoid, since the places you liked to go to, the people you used to share your thoughts with, and the situations you were comfortable with are no longer the same. All this may be a little disconcerting. But this turning point is taking you to a much more interesting destination. And while you are waiting, all you have to do is get in touch with a community that is more “attuned” to the person you are about to become. Sign up for a yoga class, join a meditation group, attend a workshop on a subject you hold dear… The Universe will take you to those places where you will feel yourself accomplished and will connect you to people who can help you on your way to spiritual elevation. But you have to take the first step.

And, finally, through meditation and yoga, you will learn to feel comfortable with yourself. You will have less but more reliable and insightful friends; you will have your share of solitude, but so much the better, as you will get to appreciate your own company even more.


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