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Amazing real stories about indigo children

Endowed with higher intelligence and remarkable abilities, indigo children have on this Earth a special mission: to bring us closer to the ancient spiritual laws from which we have drifted apart. They have a fascinating way of thinking and are capable of imparting, from early childhood, the kind of knowledge that we are unable to access even as adults.

Scientists already work with indigo children

Over the past years, we have witnessed the birth of more and more brilliant children, equally passionate about science and esoteric wisdom and endowed with extraordinary sensitivity. They get to astonish their parents not only with their remarkable intelligence, but also with their extrasensory abilities. Some of them are able to heal serious diseases; others can read people’s minds without even knowing them; others still are able to foresee events that will affect other people’s lives.

Although not all of them have managed to overcome the sceptical attitude men of science typically display towards them, there are scientists who already work with them and believe that indigo children may give birth to a new human race, spiritually richer more gifted. The first to use the name of “indigo children” was the 19th century American parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe, who believed they could be distinguished from other children through their violet auras. It is a known fact that indigo is the colour corresponding to the third chakra, associated with intuition and paranormal abilities. The phenomenon became popular at the beginning of the 1990’s due to the book “The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” by Lee Caroll and Jan Tober. The authors report exceptional cases of children who display extraordinary abilities and genius intelligence. These children are also called “star children”, “crystal children”, or “children of the new millennium”.

Amazing real stories about children of the new millennium

Their story began in the 1970’s, when specialists noticed a spectacular increase in the number of indigo children. Korean child Kim Ung Yong was declared the most intelligent person in the world. At the age of 4, he was admitted to the university, with an IQ score of 210. At the age of 5, he was fluent in six languages, and at 6 he began working for NASA.

Another seemingly unreal example is the American child Gregory Smith. He learned to read at the age of 2; at the age of 10 he was already a student. Akrit Jaswal, with an IQ score of 146, was only 7 years old when he performed his first surgical operation. At present, he is a brilliant researcher. Moreover, as recently as this year, Alexis, a 3-year-old toddler from Arizona, joined Mensa, an international organization that limits its membership to highly intelligent people. When she was only 1 year old, she was able to recount all the stories her parents had read for her; at the age of 2, she could already read and write and she was studying a foreign language all by herself.

The young Russian boy Igor Ionin is known all over the world as “the child who speaks with the angels”. The boy claims that creatures descended from Heaven revealed to him the secret of healing, which enabled him to save his father from a fatal disease. People have continued to go on pilgrimage to his house in Moscow ever since, and Igor seems to cure all of them with his healing energy.

Equally famous is Boris Kiprianovici who, as early as the age of 3, displayed impressively vast knowledge about the universe and the Earth’s neighbouring planets, which really amazed some of the researchers at various top universities from all over the world. His mother told the Russian press that at times the boy entered deep states of trance; he woke up and he started to speak about the lost world from planet Mars where he claimed to have lived thousands of years before. Stunned by the technical details he provided and the scientific terms he used at his age, scientists “suspected” either he possessed a high level of intelligence doubled by an impressively rich imagination, or he was a space traveler, who might have traveled thousands of light-years before reaching the Earth. Yet these are not the only examples. Throughout the world, there are a lot more children endowed with extraordinary powers and abilities, regarded as virtual magicians by common people.

Characteristics of indigo children

Psychologist Galina Baghirova, one of the researchers who have studied the phenomenon, made a list of the characteristics displayed by “stellar” kids:

1. they possess an exceptional sensitivity and the ability to anticipate events;
2. they feel better when they are all by themselves, out in nature or around animals;
3. they display an amazing ability to detect a lie with unfailing accuracy;
4. they have or had concentration or attention difficulties;
5. they claimed to have been born on Earth with a mission of extreme importance;
6. they speak about the colours and lights that surround people;
7. they know exactly what to do when it comes to activities they have to perform at school or at home;
8. they have trouble accepting the concept of absolute authority;
9. they differ from other children in having a strong sense of self-worth;
10. they mentioned, at least in passing, that a certain event, which had not taken place yet, was about to happen.

While they do not claim to be perfect, indigo children are here to open our eyes and our minds towards new, better, more energetic and more spiritual horizons. By learning what they have to give and teach, we get the chance to become a part of the “next generation”, a genuinely spiritual generation, keen on learning and discovering. Therefore, increasingly more researchers agree that the future belongs to indigo children and to all those who are able and willing to take heed of the knowledge they bestow, embracing a better lifestyle, with more faith and optimism.

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