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How to Cleanse and Take Care of Crystals

Let me take you on a nice trip whereby I will do my best to reveal to you a tiny part of the wonderful world of crystals, whose mystery was explained by the late Dan Seracu. I have always been fascinated by crystals, but my fascination turned into passion when I accidentally discovered a site named (in memory of master Dan Seracu) where the first thing I read was: “crystal therapy is one of the most effective methods of cleansing and driving off the traumas affecting the aura, by increasing the amount of light contained in it”.

Crystals are not part of some “New Age” craze, nor are they toys. Their mission is to help mankind HERE and NOW in the process of opening up and spiritual growth, as Dan Seracu explains in his book “Crystal Therapy”.

Where can we get genuine crystals?

It is good to know from the very beginning that these gemstones should not be bought from any place. Dan Seracu points out that there are several ways of acquiring a crystal. One is to get them from their places of origin. In our country, such areas are Maramures, Metalliferous Mountains and Western Carpathians. These are areas where mineworkers quite often bring to the surface such gems.

Specialized stores are another source, but before purchasing a gemstone, this must be examined very carefully to make sure it does not come from a broken tip crystal. “Polishing a crystal stone means brutalizing it, not to mention that oftentimes this operation is performed improperly. You will know that a crystal stone was polished incorrectly if the gem has a «milky» tip and a clear bottom (in nature, a milky crystal’s tip is always clear)”, Dan Seracu explains in his book.

Cleansing and taking care of crystals

Crystals require special care. According to Dan Seracu, it is completely wrong to keep our crystals in a drawer or in dark places, as this will only make them suffer. In that case, where should we keep them? They may be kept at the window where there is a lot of sun, on a sunlit table or in a place set up especially for them.

If the sun is in the sky and you wear a crystal hanging around your neck, put it over your clothes so that the sun can shine straight on it. When you travel, to prevent your crystals from suffering mechanical damage, it is best to wrap each crystal in a piece of cloth. You may use small pieces of satin, wool, cotton and leather bags.

A crystal requires no special purification until used in meditation or crystal therapy. However, once you buy a crystal, it is good to cleanse it, which means freeing it from the foreign vibrations it has gathered on its way to you. Cleansing prepares your crystal to adequately receive the vibrations emitted by its new home and by the person to whom it came. This initial purification is meant, on the one hand, to remove all the vibrations of the persons who touched it,and, on the other hand (as a preventive measure), to delete any negative program that might have been imprinted in it. It is better to assume that each recently received crystal comes with a negative/evil program which must be removed. Even a quartz stone you received as a gift may hold inside negative vibrations!

“To remove such negative programs/vibrations, keep the quartz stone under sea salt for six days. (…) You don’t need a large amount of salt, just enough to cover the crystal. What you should keep in mind, however, is that using sea salt will remove only the negative programs and will preserve the positive/beneficial ones”, says Dan Seracu.

Moreover, a crystal purchased from a mineral shop should be bathed for several days (2-3 at the most) to remove all the vibrations from that environment and the vibes of those who had held them. The bathing water temperature should be as close as possible to that of the crystal. After bathing, the crystal should be washed with plenty of running water and left to dry in full sun.

After drying, the crystal may be rubbed gently with a soft cloth to give it an extra shine. Now the crystal is ready to be programmed.

After cleansing your crystal, keep it near the heart center for 30 days to tune into each other’s vibrations.

In the following article I will teach you how to program a crystal to make it work for your wellbeing. According to Dan Seracu, these crystals are virtually portable computers, able to hold energies in place on command, store them and free them as the need arises.

Another valuable resource on crystals is Gaëtan Sauvé’s book, “Le cristal et ses pouvoirs”. This guide is meant for beginners as well as for advanced learners and deals with all the essential points in crystal therapy: purification, activation, practical applications, energetic properties of crystals, methods of healing yourself with crystals, formulas you can use to program your crystals to help you fulfill your wishes. Click here to find more information on this subject.

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