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Thoughts are endowed with intelligence and magnetism

The word intrapsychism refers to psychic activities related to developing a sixth sense that we all have, but not everybody is aware of. This sixth sense abodes in our nervous system as a whole, directed by a certain part of the brain – this brain that still is a big mystery. Scientists state that we use but a small part of the capacity of our brains. In our activities, we try to use it the best we can. Of course we are not able to explain the wonderful results we obtain, we just use them to help those who ask for our help.

This “cerebral” capacity that we develop pertains to the paranormal domain. Using it is a psychic knowledge method where phenomena are no longer connected with the laws of physics, which means these effects can sometimes precede their causes. Among other things, the brain activity consists of creating thoughts; the power to think and make use of a thought is the greatest power we have been endowed with.

Man is a thought of God’s

Manֺ’s thoughts have in themselves the power to think, in other words the power to proliferate, multiply and spread. They also have the capacity to explain themselves, that is to answer themselves and create at the same time both the problem and the solution. As soon as a thought is emitted, it instantly propagates to fantastic distances. If this thought is in harmony with what it encounters, it is captured and the contact is established. Otherwise, the thought is lost and it keeps travelling until it exhausts its force.

We have the power to emit new thoughts, either in the same direction, to amplify and strengthen the former one, or in the opposite direction, to arrest and attenuate it. This is the reason why contradicting thoughts go nowhere while a train of coherent thoughts can be very powerful. Eastern teachings believe that the thought produces a tourbillion (it moves in spirals) which attracts from the Universe everything that is needed for that thought to manifest itself. Science assumes that the tourbillion, the vortex or the spiral underlies matter.

Thoughts have substance and dynamism

They inexorably attract thoughts of the same nature and this concentration of thoughts has great power, either for good or for bad. We should never forget that thought has creative power on all levels, including the physical one. A thought produces in the astral body or in the mental body a vibrating vortex of particles pertaining to one of these bodies, then a thought-form is expelled from the aura and floats in the air. If this thought has a definite purpose, it will be rapidly projected towards that purpose. The thought-form will persist as long as it receives impulse from its creative source. If the emission power stops, the thought-form will slowly dissolve, restoring to the level the elements that contributed to its formation.

The spirits of Nature

Besides the aura, thought-forms are animated by the “elements of the level”. These are semi-intelligent forces whose role is to manifest the various energies of that level. For a thought-form to “act”, it must be animated by the elements of the level. Deva (a category of angels) is directing the spirits of Nature, though the latter have a certain freedom of action (there are individuals who sometimes amuse themselves in spiritualism séances, cheating naive persons through the astral shells of people who have lost their physical body); their number is considerable.

To resume, the thought-form begins by a tumultuous vibration, then comes an exteriorization of the form that floats in the air, then the elements merge and give life to that thought. Strong thoughts go a long way, they act tenaciously on the mental or astral body of another person and – depending on their nature –, if they encounter resonance, they will trigger the same feelings, the same impulses they carry within.

Each thought follows the law of karma

It will always come back to us, amplified for better or for worse. We all have the opportunity to help ourselves to the universal substance of the spirit that pervades everything and simply waits for the moment it will manifest by an act of our conscious mind.

For more informations about this topic we recommend the book: L’énergie de la spirale : Intrapsychie – Spiralogie

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