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3 ways to work in unison with synchronicities

You got up late, you panicked – “I’m going to miss the train” – and you missed it, of course! When we are in a hurry, we act chaotically. You paid for another ticket and jumped into the next train going in the same direction. Once you got on the train – lo and behold! You came across a good friend from your childhood who had been constantly on your mind for the last few days. Hazard! Meaning: “fate, destiny” or “mere coincidence”?

Life and the encounters it sets before us is a sort of mixture between order and chaos, game and determinism. For that matter, “hazard” is a word of Arabic origin used to designate a dice game closely related to modern craps. To control its random way of acting (an apparent contradiction in terms), we had better learn more about coincidences. What are coincidences, after all? What are the rules of the game?

The theory of synchronicity

Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss physician, psychologist and psychiatrist who explored the deepest layers of the human unconscious mind, considered that “happy coincidences” fell under “synchronicities”: those moments when our inner reality clashes with the events that validate it – or, on the contrary, invalidate it. In other words, apparently unrelated events taking place at the same time and connected by a particular meaning. Just as in the example above: you woke up late, you missed the train, and you ran into that friend who had been magnetizing your memories. In the sea of information flooding from the outside, some inner message surfaces all of a sudden. As a result, you get the feeling (the guess? the superstition?) that “nothing is random”. There are no “mere coincidences.”

A matter of intuition

Hazard, or chance, has a crucial role: it is an efficient strategy to dig up a new priority, from the abyss of the unconscious mind. Taken by surprise by an improbable event, a chance meeting, a series of “coincidences”, we get back on the road, driving off like a shot from some corner of our life where we had been stuck without realizing when, how or why. In other words, we break the vicious circle of monotony that was about to close around us.

To benefit from meeting with “coincidence” events, the first thing we have to do is… spot them. This is an ability we acquire by learning to see the world around us. Not just to watch it, but to see it effectively. The next step is to get rid of the all-powerful rationalist spirit that suffocates us and allow legitimate freedom to intuition.

Practical applications

Here are three strategies that you can use to tame chance and make it dance to your tune, with the choreographer being your own intuition.

1. Moving into the house of your dreams

Arm yourself with a notebook. Open wide the door you would rather keep closed between you and the rest of the world. Be sensitive to everything going on around you. You will be amazed how many “mere coincidences” are working for you. Write them down. Tonight, take a few moments of peace and quiet to go over them and let things find their way to you.

Here is a concrete example: you hear your office-mate, your cousin who has come to visit you or the stranger in the seat next to you on the underground train talking about a relative or a friend who is leaving the town/ country. As a result, an apartment that perfectly suits your preferences, in the area where you have long been dreaming to live, becomes available. Alternatively, let us suppose you are a bohemian spirit and, while having a cup of coffee in an outdoor café, you happen to catch, at the table next to yours, fragments of a conversation about a garret for sale at a low price. What do you do then? You tell yourself that the whole universe must be conspiring against you – do all these people know that you have been looking for this opportunity for a long time (maybe it is written all over your face!) and now they decided to play a joke on you? Actually, you are not very far from the truth, it is a joke all right, but it is a joke played by your rational spirit, left to its own devices. Get a grip on it, so you can hear what intuition tells you: “Put together all these bits of information, as they will lead you towards your goal”.

2. Getting the job you want

Apply the daydreaming method: every morning, just after waking up, take a few moments of absolute silence. Remain lying in bed, in a state of relaxation, and look at the ceiling – the screen where you will visualize in detail the situation you aspire to. Since the spirit acts upon matter, this exercise mediates your encounter with hazard, which will help you hit the jackpot.
Practical application: go out with your friends as much as you can. Go to the cinema, go to outdoor restaurants, attend densely populated places and use public means of transport – this will increase your chances of coming across former schoolmates, workmates, neighbours, making new acquaintances, getting to know people from whom you can find out “by pure accident” that the company they work for has a vacant job to your heart’s desire.

3. Finding your soulmate

Verbalize your expectations. Express them in writing, aloud, or to yourself. Do this repeatedly, relentlessly. To spark off hazard, you have to decide which your essential needs are. It will be easy to identify them, as they are completely different from simple wishes or short-lived satisfactions.
In practice, the key to success is to have an open spirit. Stop being so picky, engage in conversations with as many people of the opposite sex as you can, although they might not seem to be the type of person you have been dreaming about. You never know when you might discover a deep affinity with someone: maybe you grew up on the same street, maybe you share the same passion for music or you have the same type of sensibility, maybe… You never know.

However, you will find out: you can control hazard and make it work for you. In fact, this is the role of hazard. Hazard knows; it is just waiting for you to find out.

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