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10 Essential Oils to Help You Fight Viruses and Bacteria

We are facing a wayward spring: one minute it is too hot, the next minute it is too cold for this time of the year. Each day, our body goes through re-re-re-adjustment tests. The Viruses are overjoyed: if there’s something they didn’t get the chance to do in winter, they’ll catch up now! I cough, you keep your handkerchief over your nose, we stay away from each other to prevent our microbes from getting friends and give rise to new generations of more aggressive, stronger pathogens. Stop whining, we have answers to our problem! Natural solutions: essential oils.

According to DR. Cristina Bălănescu, complementary medicine doctor, we may find strong allies in the fragile world of herbs.

Since they integrate the amazing powers of the plants they are extracted from, antiseptic and antiviral essential oils help our body repel the joint attack of viruses and bacteria.

5 antiseptic essential oils

No matter how we choose to use them – spread into the air we breathe through aromatherapy diffusers, aerosol cans or applied directly on our skin – antiseptic essential oils disinfect and purify our body. They have such a wide range of antiseptic properties, that all the types of bacterial infections step back. Theoretically, all essential oils have antiseptic virtues, but there are several oils that are even richer in purifying active ingredients than all the others. We are talking about…


It is undoubtedly the most famous of the antiseptic essential oils. Thanks to its healing and disinfecting properties, it is highly effective when used cutaneously – applied directly on the skin through massage (the best choice, as massage stimulates blood flow and increases the absorption of essential oil straight into the skin).

In addition to bearing down respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma, coughing, laryngitis), myrrh essential oil fights nervous system conditions (nervous tension, mental stress), improves the blood flow and acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, expectorant and sedative substance. It helps relieve muscle and joint pains caused by rheumatism or gout. These are only a few of the healing properties of myrrh, but we shall stop here and make room for its brethren-in-arms from the “antiseptic division”.


Bergamot essential oil is a formidable antibacterial substance when inhaled or applied on the skin. Among its trump cards are its floral, fruity notes (bergamot belongs to the citrus family and is a star ingredient in perfumery). On the other hand, due to its high concentration of polyphenols (powerful antioxidants), it is also recommended in losing weight, in the treatment of acne and whenever we need to stimulate our metabolism. Drip it in the aromatherapy diffuser and you will get rid of dark thoughts and depression too.

Rosewood tree

Spreading a delicate fragrance, rosewood essential oil has a sweeter effect. When applied on the skin, it fights off ear-nose-and-throat bacterial infections and bronchopulmonary infections.


The essential oil extracted from the white sandal tree is used successfully as an adjuvant in the treatment of urinary tract and genital infections.

Black spruce

Although less famous than other oils, the black spruce essential oil has a strong purifying effect. Spread it in the air (through the oil diffuser) or inhale it and it will form a barrier against bacteria around you.


5 Antiviral essential oils

There are several essential oils that are specifically recommended against viruses. In order to take advantage of their healing and purifying properties, we may take them orally, apply them directly on the skin, inhale them or simply spread them into the air.


Powerful and delicate at the same time, the coriander essential oil is the best option in fighting viruses affecting the ear-nose-and-throat area or the urinary tract. Apply it through massage, after mixing it with vegetable oil.


Hyssop essential oil fights bronchitis, flu, and various ear-nose-and-throat diseases when inhaled or applied on the skin through massage, after mixing it with fat vegetable oil.

Sweet marjoram

Sweet marjoram essential oil is famous for its powerful effects against viruses affecting the ear-nose-and-throat area, as well as viral skin infections such as shingles, chickenpox or psoriasis. Also known for its anti-fungal properties, it fights my-coses just as effectively. You may apply it on your skin by itself or diluted in a fat vegetable oil.


Also known as Madagascar Camphor (named after the area where it comes from), Ravintsara is a fearsome enemy of all kinds of viruses. When inhaled or spread into the air (as a remedy against ear-nose-and-throat infections) or applied on the skin (in skin viral infections), Ravintsara essential oil helps our body overcome diseases in a 100% natural way.

Tea tree

Last but not least, tea tree essential oil is one of the favorite options recommended by phytotherapy experts when it comes to powerful anti-inflammatory natural remedies. Since its most powerful effects are targeted against skin conditions, it is recommended particularly for cutaneous use.

We told you the essentials. For details, adaptations and highlights, you may consult a complementary medicine therapist. As you know, each patient is unique. Therefore, each treatment should be adapted to the patient’s needs. You are unique. Treat yourself accordingly!

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