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7 medical conditions natural salt helps improving

Every day we are warned about having to reduce the amount of salt in our diet so that we don’t undermine our own health. However, we should not go to extremes and give it up completely. Salt is essential to life, provided that it is natural and, of course, that we don’t use it in excess.

And we are not talking only about the salt we use to season our meals. This crystal is also an awesome medicine, one of the oldest remedies in the world, mentioned even in the famous ancient medical treatises. Well, this doesn’t hold true for over-processed white powder packed with anti-caking agents which we buy nowadays from the grocery store and refer to as table salt.

The only type of salt that is truly healing is natural salt, occurring in the form of large crystals, which people used to grind at home: a type of salt which, apart from sodium chloride, contains more than 80 minerals and has lots of therapeutic properties.

Our traditional medicine mentions over a hundred therapeutic applications of salt, which was considered virtually a universal remedy. In the following paragraphs we shall try to review some of the most popular salt-based remedies.

Caution: always use natural, coarse salt, known as halite or rock salt. Never use table salt!

1. Difficult digestion and constipation

Season your meals with either rock salt or sea salt. Natural salt has a much stronger effect on the stomach, stimulating the production of gastric acid, and is an excellent digestion activator when consumed in moderation. The famous physician and alchemist Paracelsus noted, as early as 500 years ago, that digestion and excretion processes are greatly disturbed by lack of salt in our diets.

2. Low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia

The same traditional medicine recommends the following remedy: a pinch of sea salt (approximately 0.25 grams) dissolved in a mug (250-300 ml) of flat water, taken every morning, on an empty stomach. The treatment should last at least half a year and, according to recent studies, the results are exceptional, one condition that is associated with a mainly vegetarian diet.

3. Osteoporosis, muscular cramps

It you suffer from any of these conditions you should use only iodine-free rock salt to season your food, as rock salt contains significant amounts of the micro elements involved in calcium assimilation.

4. Persistent cough, dry cough

Keeping a few grains (no more than a pinch) of rock salt on the tongue for as long as possible will increase salivation and, through the taste buds, will stimulate directly the central nervous system, triggering the cough-calming effect.

5. External salt-based remedies

Skin ulcerations

Blend half a teaspoon of salt in two spoonfuls of honey until you get a homogeneous mixture and apply it on affected areas. The results will be amazing.

First and second degree burns

Spread plenty of coarse grain salt on the affected area. Although for the moment this will increase the stinging sensation, afterwards the edemas will be greatly reduced and the wounds will heal much faster. Make sure you don’t apply salt on severe, open burn wounds!

Sore throat

Pour two teaspoonfuls of natural salt in a glass of hot water, mix thoroughly until the salt is completely dissolved, and gargle.

6. Salt baths

Salt baths are a traditional remedy still used, with extraordinary success, in state-of-the-art clinics in Austria or Germany.

To prepare a salt bath, all you have to do is pour two kilograms of salt in a bath tub filled with hot water (approximately 150 liters). Soak in for 20 to 30 minutes and, to enjoy maximum results, make sure that the water temperature is maintained above 37 degrees Celsius.

Salt baths have beneficial effects on:

Infectious dermatosis

Add 7 spoonfuls of salt for each liter of hot water and soak partially (only the affected area) for 15 minutes.


Soak completely in hot salt water twice a week. Although the most efficient are baths prepared with sea salt, mine (whole coarse-grain) salt has been used with very good results too.

Cystitis, urinary tract infections

Soak completely or take sitz baths using a larger amount of salt – 5 spoonfuls for each liter. Repeat the treatment every evening until full recovery. While the water should be as hot as possible (over 38 degrees), the temperature must be bearable.

Cold and flu

Soak your feet (soles and ankles) in highly concentrated hot baths (10 spoonfuls of salt for each liter of water) for 10 minutes, then put on a pair of warm socks and stay in a warm place so that you sweat abundantly.

7. Fatigue

A popular method which has proved quite helpful in fighting fatigue is putting a little warm salt bag on the back of your neck.

Now that you have discovered the most important uses of natural salt, you are free to choose whatever method you feel is the most appropriate for you, or to talk to your doctor and agree on the best approach to the problem that bothers you.

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