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Holistic Medicine (II)

Holistic Medicine (II)

Click here to read part I of the Holistic Medicine. WN is the financial side behind all these drugs. A dose of cytostatics costs almost 1 000 dollars, but the patient is not aware of this because health insurance pays for it. Consider that every year, only in Europe, three...

Holistic Medicine (I)

Holistic Medicine (I)

According to the Explanatory Dictionary, holism is a concept which refers to the fact that the whole cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts and there actually is an “integrating factor” of the world, an immaterial and unknowable principle. The field the term “holism” applies to most often...

Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structure 1

Schumann resonance – man as vibratory structure

How can we possibly think that if we keep our mobile phones close to our brains we are safe? The only answer is that we are not yet aware of what we are doing. We have no idea about the risks we expose ourselves to. If we cannot see them,...

Mobile phones – time bombs

Mobile phones – time bombs

On the 19th and 20th of May 2011 the International Conference on the Non-ionizing Radiation (NIR) and Children Health was organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in cooperation with the International Commission for Protection against Non-ionizing Radiation, the German Federal Bureau for Protection against Radiation, World Health Organization and the European Society...

A radical paradigm shift in medicine 4

A radical paradigm shift in medicine

In Antiquity medical practice was based on the theory of demonism. Disease was considered a punishment for sin and could be prevented or cured by embracing a lifestyle of devotion or fighting the demons through exorcism. Based on this religious dogma, dissection and examination of the human body were forbidden...

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